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2023 Bike Index kit order

Bike Index QR sticker (1), $5 - buy here

qr sticker

Link a QR sticker to your bike and make it scannable. Weather-proof, tamper-resistant, and all-around awesome, allow people to scan your bike and send you a message if they find it. Place it somewhere visible to deter theft.

How do I link my sticker?

Want to place a bulk order of QR stickers (500+) at a discount? Email

To purchase a QR sticker, use the 'buy here' link above 👆. For any of the following merchandise 👇, please make a donation for the cost of the item. Then, forward a copy of the donation receipt you receive in your email inbox to and include your mailing address. We will email you a confirmation as soon as your product ships.

Bike Index Cycling Cap $15 - buy here

Cycling cap on a baby sticker

Bike Index Base Layer $30 (AKA long underwear) - buy here

Cycling base layer

Shop/organization poster, $10 - buy here

poster 1 poster 2

Great to have in a shop or at a registration event. Inform your customers and your patrons how to buy a bike the right way, and make sure that they're not getting scammed by a used bike salesperson.