How to get your stolen bike back

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Bike Index is the #1 resource for you when the worst happens - your bike gets stolen.

Bike Index is the world's best bike theft recovery platform, with the highest bike theft recovery rate of any bike registration service. We're here to get your bike back. All it takes is a minute to register, for free, and we'll tap into our network of hundreds of thousands of users and 1,000+ partnerships with law enforcement, bike shops, cities, and organizations to get your bike back.

Don't wait - unlock the Bike Index stolen bike recovery platform by registering your stolen bike on Bike Index now. Start using our recovery tools to recruit help from all over the world.

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How do we do it?

As a non-profit, Bike Index's main bike theft recovery tool is community. We empower the cyclist by allowing you to register your stolen bike and immediately alert not only the community in which you live, but the national and international communities on the lookout for stolen bikes.

A Bike Index account lets you:

  1. Unlock our comprehensive stolen bike recovery platform
  2. Unleash the power of our volunteer community
  3. Create social media friendly stolen bike alerts
  4. Register your bike as stolen in police and pawn industry databases
  5. Have the best chance of recovering your stolen bike

With tools like our promoted alerts on Facebook and our tweeting of stolen bikes to our thousands of followers, Bike Index amplifies your stolen bike listing.

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Bike Index gets bike-theft sympathetic eyes onto your bike. If someone sees it or finds it, they can message you via your Bike Index listing. And our network of Bike Index ambassadors, bike shops, and law enforcement partners is growing every day. Bike theft is a hot issue, and people are plugging in to monitor online sales platforms, report chop shops, and return bikes to their rightful owners.

Bike Index is the best tool in your time of crisis. Register your stolen bike now. You have nothing else to lose.

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Bike Index recovery record
  • 13,935 - Stolen bikes recovered
  • $24,998,247 - Value of bikes recovered with Bike Index

Portland Bureau of Police Bike Squad found bike in a camp and called me because it was registered on Bike Index! translated from English

Photo of recovered bike Liz Bike recovered 2024.4.19

Someone saw my Bike Index post and they found it by a pizza shop. They held it until I was contacted. translated from English

Photo of recovered bike kris Bike recovered 2024.4.19

Someone found it behind their house and sent me a message. translated from English

Photo of recovered bike Tyron Bike recovered 2024.4.19

A peace officer at Churchill station called me and said he found my bike a big thank you to him. translated from English

Photo of recovered bike Trevor Bike recovered 2024.4.18

Kudos to the RCMP, they recovered the bike! Quite a few changes had been made to the bike, but hopefully all things that can be fixed. translated from English

Photo of recovered bike Carol Bike recovered 2024.4.18