Recovery Stories

Someone found my bike stashed on their property and looked it up on Bike Index to see if it was stolen, and contacted me! translated from English

Deborah Bike recovered 2020.8.4

Edmonton Police Service recovered it. They stressed that they recover a lot more these days due to Bike Index. translated from English

Bradley Bike recovered 2020.8.3

An innocent purchaser entered the frame number on the internet and observed a Bike Index hit with the owner's phone number. He called to coordinate its return. translated from English

Jeff Bike recovered 2020.8.2

We received information from people on Bike Index and located the person with the bike. With a little help from the police, the bike was returned without incident. translated from English

Parker Bike recovered 2020.8.1

I listed it on Bike Index when it was stolen. Somebody contacted me yesterday - they saw it on OfferUp for a super low price. The bike then popped up on Craigslist in a different location. I contacted the seller, then the Bellevue police, and went over to meet them and got it back. translated from English

D Bike recovered 2020.8.1

EPS followed up on a Facebook posting on Stolen Bikes Edmonton and Area and a few weeks later EPS showed up at our door with the bike. The posting had a copy of the serial number which was on Bike Index and confirmed it was our bike. Husband is very happy it's been returned! translated from English

Allison Bike recovered 2020.7.29

The owner of a pawnshop ran the serial number and found that my bike was registered as stolen on Bike Index. The pawnshop works with Edmonton Police Service who tracked me down as the original bike owner! I got the bike back 4 weeks from the day it was stolen. translated from English

Christine Bike recovered 2020.7.29

Another guy bought it from OfferUp and checked Bike Index when he got home and saw it was stolen. Luckily he was so honest to reach out to us and we reimbursed him. Glad there are those kinds of people out there! translated from English

Verena Bike recovered 2020.7.28

It was found abandoned and returned to me by way of Bike Index. translated from English

Miranda Bike recovered 2020.7.27

Police recovered it and found my contact info through Bike Index. translated from English

K Bike recovered 2020.7.27

Someone saw the bike, ran the serial number on Bike Index, and contacted me! translated from English

Kevin Bike recovered 2020.7.26

Calgary police recognized my bike from Facebook and Bike Index and returned it to me this morning! translated from English

Dirtbagel Bike recovered 2020.7.25

EPS first looked on Bike Index when they found my bike by the photo and the area that I live in. I never thought I would see my bike again after it was stolen. I am so happy to have had it returned. Thank You Bike Index! translated from English

Jennifer Bike recovered 2020.7.22

Cash Canada received the bike the afternoon of the theft. The manager checked Bike Index and called me. I'm waiting for EPS to see Cash Canada about obtaining the thief's information. Fingers crossed the police can ID this guy and hopefully recover my wife's bike. translated from English

Robert Bike recovered 2020.7.20

The bike was found outside of a local grocery store unlocked and taken to a bike shop. They looked up the bike on this website and contacted us via the number posted here. translated from English

Timothee Bike recovered 2020.7.15

I paid $20 for the starter kit for Bike Index to promote my bike as stolen. A Bike Index member sends me an OfferUp listing via Bike Index. The bike is identical to mine. I arrange a meeting with the seller and they let me check the serial number. We part ways with me on my bike. translated from English

Ricky Bike recovered 2020.7.14

The Edmonton Police Service recovered my bike through. Having my serial number made the difference in finding my bike! translated from English

Tristan Bike recovered 2020.7.13

"Hey, I think I just found your bike. I ran the serial number through Bike Index and found a match." I happily paid for a donation to the shop that called me. I'm so grateful to both the shop and to Bike Index for reuniting me with my bike! translated from English

Brent Bike recovered 2020.7.12

Someone bought it and checked the serial number on Bike Index. We picked it up from the police. translated from English

Leanne Bike recovered 2020.7.10

I was contacted by numerous people who found the bike on Craigslist. They looked the bike up on Bike Index and realized it was stolen. The seller gave the bike back. Thank you everyone who contacted me about the posting and thank you to Bike Index for the amazing platform and community. translated from English

Nick Bike recovered 2020.7.7

Shoutout to Tasha who found the bike via Bike Index! translated from English

Neil Bike recovered 2020.7.6

The guy who stole my bike apparently threw it into Boulder Creek. Some nice humans then posted a picture on the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance Facebook page and Bike Index made the connection and emailed me about it! Thank you so much!! translated from English

Becca Bike recovered 2020.7.5

I got a call from a high schooler who bought the bike on Offerup last week. When cleaning it up he saw the serial number was scratched off so he did some digging to see if it was stolen. He came across my Bike Index post - all the components matched so he called me to return it! translated from English

Tyler Bike recovered 2020.7.5

Police saw the bike locked up, ran the serial number on Bike Index, discovered it was stolen, cut the lock, and contacted me!! translated from English

Veronica Bike recovered 2020.7.4

Bike Index emailed me when they found an ad posting my bike on Kijiji. I contacted Edmonton Police Service and they were able to get my bike back the following day! translated from English

Shannon Bike recovered 2020.6.30

The good people at Bike Index and the community did their thing and found my bike - I am so appreciative. Thanks to all involved. translated from English

Johnathan Bike recovered 2020.6.30

Thanks to a Bike Index tip I found the bike on OfferUp and enlisted the San Leandro Police Department in its recovery. translated from English

Tom Bike recovered 2020.6.30

A person bought the bike and located it on Bike Index and called me to confirm it was mine. I then met and recovered it from him. translated from English

Chad Bike recovered 2020.6.30

Miracles come true! I was called by a fellow Seattleite who spotted this bike and asked to buy it from the rider. He checked out the serial number and ran it on Bike Index and found that it was my bike, which was stolen three years ago! Crazy, unexpected turn of events. Thank you Bike Index! translated from English

Sarah Bike recovered 2020.6.30

The stolen bike was recovered by the Calgary Police Dept and Bike Index and returned to me. Many thanks for the help. Great work!!! translated from English

Sam Bike recovered 2020.6.28

A teenager found the bike in the bushes of his condo complex. He ran serial and brand online and Bike Index was the first page with the info. translated from English

Verny Bike recovered 2020.6.27

A good samaritan bought my stolen bike but then checked Bike Index and decided to return it to me. translated from English

Tom Bike recovered 2020.6.27

A nice man emailed me via Bike Index saying he had seen the bike on Offerup and thought it was mine. I contacted the seller, met up, and got the bike back. translated from English

Jesse Bike recovered 2020.6.26

Bike index ambassador recovered the bike! translated from English

Russ Bike recovered 2020.6.24

A neighbour found the bike in an alley and checked Bike Index. translated from English

Nick Bike recovered 2020.6.23

A gentleman called me and said he had found it and looked online for the owner. He called me. I had listed it on Bike Index and on a more local Facebook registry. It made me feel good to have it listed with you. translated from English

Michelle Bike recovered 2020.6.18

Found it on the sidewalk with help from someone who saw my Bike Index stolen post. translated from English

Juan Bike recovered 2020.6.18

A Bike Index member found someone selling it online and notified me. He arranged a meet with the seller and with the help of PD, recovered the bike. Thank you so much! translated from English

Michael Bike recovered 2020.6.16

I found it on I contacted the seller directly and set up a meeting. He was a high school student. The serial number matched and my Pinhead key to the wheels and seat were still on the bike. Success! translated from English

Mary Bike recovered 2020.6.15

A citizen noticed it and thought that was shady, so they checked the serial number on Bike Index and called the police. translated from English

Trinity Bike recovered 2020.6.15

The thief left my bike behind a garage and stole another bike. The new victim reported it and returned my bike to the police, who tracked it to me via Bike Index. translated from English

Michel Bike recovered 2020.6.12

A person bought the bike from thief and looked up the serial number on Bike Index. Upon seeing the bike was stolen, they turned the bike in to the authorities. translated from English

Kody Bike recovered 2020.6.9

A fellow cyclist found the frame abandoned and checked Bike Index. translated from English

Stephen Bike recovered 2020.6.8

A wonderful man purchased my bike but realized it was stolen. He looked up the serial on Bike Index and emailed, called, and texted. He had paid $100 but we agreed that I would donate it to Bike Index to help others recover their bikes. I got my bike back on my birthday. Best birthday present ever! translated from English

Steve Bike recovered 2020.6.8

A citizen recognized my bike on a Craigslist ad and he called my number from my Bike Index page. translated from English

Ryan Bike recovered 2020.6.8

Fellow Bike Index user recognized it and contacted the Calgary Police service! It was returned to me a few days later!!! translated from English

Alison Bike recovered 2020.6.8

Someone looked up the bike on Bike Index because the thief left my bike when they stole another person's. Only because of this site did they find my contact info and know it was stolen. Thank you so much!!! translated from English

Dan Bike recovered 2020.6.8

The Edmonton Police were simply AMAZING, recovered my bike just 5 weeks after it had been stolen. Also, big thanks to the Bike Index for establishing such an important platform. translated from English

Howie Bike recovered 2020.6.4

I received an email via Bike Index letting me know someone had found it! I truly have no idea how he was able to spot it since the picture I posted was not great quality and it had been stolen a while ago, so to be honest I thought it was gone for good but they did some digging and found it! translated from English

Julie Bike recovered 2020.6.4

The Edmonton Police saw someone with the bike and suspected it was stolen. They ran the serial number on Bike Index and saw that it was stolen. translated from English

Tina Bike recovered 2020.6.2