Recovery Stories

Bike was ID'd on the Bike Index after the thief tried to sell the finder the bike, obviously stolen, for $100.

Bryan Bike recovered 2018.12.29

Bike rolled into a local Portland shop, who ID'd it as stolen on the Bike Index.

Bryan Bike recovered 2018.12.29

Bike Index was key to getting the bike back. A Craigslist user used Bike Index to determine that a bike being offered for sale was this stolen bike, and let me and the police know. The police quickly recovered it from the would-be seller.

Stephen Bike recovered 2018.12.29

Neighbor found it on their property and ID'd it via the Bike Index.

Shay Bike recovered 2018.12.29

Found by someone who bought it off Craigslist and ID'd it as stolen on the Bike Index.

Taylor Bike recovered 2018.12.29

BIKE works found it and Id'd it with the Bike Index.

Mike Bike recovered 2018.12.29

Thief tried to sell the bike at USA Pawn in Milwaukie, OR. Their staff used the Bike Index to identify it as stolen, kept it, and contacted me to pick it up.

Jacob Bike recovered 2018.12.29

Police picked up the bike and then identified me through my Bike Index registration!

Victoria Bike recovered 2018.12.14

A neighbor found my bike leaned against their house, just 2 blocks from where it was stolen. They found me through a friend that networks with the Bike Index. Thank you so so much!!!

Shana Bike recovered 2018.12.10

Bike was on OfferUp. Someone from the Bike Index emailed me the ad. I followed the profile to Facebook and looked up the lady on Facebook. We set up a sting with the lady and her wife, when we went to purchase the bike the cops took over and they arrested the lady.

Thomas Bike recovered 2018.12.6

Members of the Facebook group, Stolen bikes Edmonton, reported finding it and recovered it. The group used the Bike Index to confirm details of the bike before physically recovering it.

Gerard Bike recovered 2018.12.5

Recovered by pawn partner in Las Vegas using LEADS + the Bike Index.

Mom Bike recovered 2018.12.5

Thanks to the Bike Index and an observant neighbor! Thanks Bike Index!

Kirsten Bike recovered 2018.12.5

Another intelligent, vigilant cyclist searched for my bike on the Bike Index after it was left behind at the scene by the thief of his neighbor's scooter. It was missing for only 5 days. My hero!

Emily Bike recovered 2018.12.5

Recovered by local bike shop after being missing for 6 years, ID'd via the Bike Index.

Bryan Bike recovered 2018.12.5

Neighbor 1.5 blocks away found it partially disassembled laying in her front yard. The carbon fiber belt evidently confounded the thief and they gave up trying to harvest parts! They wouldn't have been able to find me without the Bike Index! Thanks!

Peter Bike recovered 2018.12.5

Bike was purchased on Kijiji. Purchaser checked the Bike Index before purchasing (very soon after theft) and bike wasn't listed. Purchaser checked the Bike Index the next morning and saw the bike listed and contacted us.

Bike Bros Bike recovered 2018.12.5

Someone bought the bike on the street and checked the Bike Index and saw that it was stolen. They contacted me through the site, and then I met up with the person to retrieve it. I will be forever grateful to this amazing organization.

Eli Bike recovered 2018.12.5

A good citizen found it and looked it up on the Bike Index!

Kevin Bike recovered 2018.12.5

The bike was left in a yard a few kilometers away. Owner called The Park Allen community volunteer who deals with bike theft who looked it up on the Bike Index and called us up. We drove over and picked up the bike which was still in good shape! Thanks!

Wiley Bike recovered 2018.12.5

Bike was recovered by the police. Remember to register your bike at the Bike Index so that people can find you using the serial number. It works!

Louxiang Bike recovered 2018.12.5

Officer Sanders contacted me to inform me my bike has been found! Thank you to the Bike Index and the Old Town Police Department.

Heather Bike recovered 2018.12.4

Stolen in 2010, this bike popped up for sale on Offerup in 2018, and was flagged by a Bike Index user. Thanks to SPD and Bremerton PD, it is now back with its owner EIGHT GODDAMN YEARS LATER because the Bike Index is fantastic. The end.

Bryan Bike recovered 2018.12.4

Spotted by a good citizen who looked it up on the Bike Index!

Rob Bike recovered 2018.12.4

A customer saw it at a local pawn shop and matched it against my Bike Index listing.

Markus Bike recovered 2018.12.4

My bike was found yesterday MILES away from where it was stolen! An angel was checking the bikes out at an Eco Thrift and spotted it hanging from their shelves. Before the individual considered purchasing the bike, they checked to see if it was on the Bike Index site.

Chelsea Bike recovered 2018.11.9

Bike was bought and sold on Kijiji but communication from some fellow riders who saw the ad and my Bike Index post to myself and the the Calgary Police service.

Randy Bike recovered 2018.11.2

Tip from a neighbor. Paid the thief (er, guy who "bought it on the internet") about 1/10 of its value rather than involve the police. Still reporting his name and address, which I got. THANK YOU SO MUCH CARLOS AND BIKE INDEX!!!!

Aaron Bike recovered 2018.11.2

Spotted by in PDX 1 month after it was stolen, ID'd on the Bike Index, and returned.

Chris Bike recovered 2018.11.2

The fellow who bought it from the original thief found it on the Bike Index, and he got in touch! It's missing a few components, but otherwise in one piece.

Kye Recumbent recovered 2018.11.2

Dude from Seattle area texted me that he thought he found my bike because my Bike Index ad matched a few components. Confirmed it was mine.

Ry Bike recovered 2018.11.2

Found, ID'd in the Bike Index with an assist from a local shop, and returned.

Sean Bike recovered 2018.11.2

Police found bike and brought it to bike shop for pick up! Thanks bike index!

Lyle Bike recovered 2018.10.15

Stupidly, I didn't file a police report - I figured it was gone. But a bike-store owner saw some guy stealing it and took it away from him, and the cop on the case searched this site and emailed me.

Joseph Bike recovered 2018.10.15

Found (trashed) in SEA a year plus later, ID'd in the Bike Index. Owner is transferring ownership to the finder.

Jeffrey Bike recovered 2018.10.15

Portland police got the bike on an unrelated arrest and deduced that it was probably stolen. It went to the special bike theft unit where the officer found it on the Bike Index! Thanks, all!

David Bike recovered 2018.10.15

Bought from a homeless person in NOLA, turned out it was stolen. ID'd in Bike Index.

Stolen Bikes NOLA Bike recovered 2018.10.15

The person who bought the stolen bicycle searched online and my Stolen Bicycle Profile on Bike Index came up in the search results. This person contacted Bike Index who forwarded on the message and contact info to me and we arranged to meet.

Eric Bike recovered 2018.9.27

Someone recognized someone else riding my bike and found my info on the Bike Index! Thanks community and the Bike Index!!!! So very happy to have my beloved bike back :)

Terah Bike recovered 2018.9.27

Moira, an employee at Back Alley Bikes recognized it from the Bike Index listing and put a lock on it, and contacted me to pick it up.

Mark Bike recovered 2018.9.27

Library security guard thought bike might be stolen and looked up serial number on the Bike Index—your site!!

Suzanne Bike recovered 2018.9.19

Someone bought it, noticed it was stolen after searching the serial number through google and finding it on the Bike Index, and returned it.

Michelle Bike recovered 2018.9.17

Through the Bike Index with the assistance of Portland Police. Thank you Bike Index and Thank you to the Portland Police.

David Bike recovered 2018.9.17

Stolen in 2014, this bike was spotted as assumed abandoned property at a PDX library and the Bike Index came to get it. Original owner and new owner met up and realized new owner had bought it from a pawn shop, who clearly had sold a stolen bike.

Alex Bike recovered 2018.9.17

Through the Bike Index, Seattle PD and a considerate stranger.

David Bike recovered 2018.9.17

The thief was found and arrested! I received one tip through the Bike Index and another through Craigslist which ultimately led to the bike's return :)

Amanda Bike recovered 2018.9.17

Recovery Via Seattle Police Department Evidence Unit who contacted me via the Bike Index.

Tom Bike recovered 2018.9.4

Someone bought it and tried to register it on the Bike Index! So they returned it!

Kyle Bike recovered 2018.9.2

The bike was dumped the same night it was stolen in a neighbor’s yard and they found the bike through the Bike Index!

Ashley Bike recovered 2018.9.2

Someone saw it on OfferUp, checked the Bike Index, and saw that it was stolen. They arranged to meet the guy trying to sell it, and called the cops.

Rebecca Bike recovered 2018.9.2