Recovery Stories

A person bought the bike from thief and looked up the serial number on Bike Index. Upon seeing the bike was stolen, they turned the bike in to the authorities. translated from English

Kody Bike recovered 2020.6.9

A fellow cyclist found the frame abandoned and checked Bike Index. translated from English

Stephen Bike recovered 2020.6.8

A wonderful man purchased my bike but realized it was stolen. He looked up the serial on Bike Index and emailed, called, and texted. He had paid $100 but we agreed that I would donate it to Bike Index to help others recover their bikes. I got my bike back on my birthday. Best birthday present ever! translated from English

Steve Bike recovered 2020.6.8

A citizen recognized my bike on a Craigslist ad and he called my number from my Bike Index page. translated from English

Ryan Bike recovered 2020.6.8

Fellow Bike Index user recognized it and contacted the Calgary Police service! It was returned to me a few days later!!! translated from English

Alison Bike recovered 2020.6.8

Someone looked up the bike on Bike Index because the thief left my bike when they stole another person's. Only because of this site did they find my contact info and know it was stolen. Thank you so much!!! translated from English

Dan Bike recovered 2020.6.8

The Edmonton Police were simply AMAZING, recovered my bike just 5 weeks after it had been stolen. Also, big thanks to the Bike Index for establishing such an important platform. translated from English

Howie Bike recovered 2020.6.4

I received an email via Bike Index letting me know someone had found it! I truly have no idea how he was able to spot it since the picture I posted was not great quality and it had been stolen a while ago, so to be honest I thought it was gone for good but they did some digging and found it! translated from English

Julie Bike recovered 2020.6.4

The Edmonton Police saw someone with the bike and suspected it was stolen. They ran the serial number on Bike Index and saw that it was stolen. translated from English

Tina Bike recovered 2020.6.2

Edmonton Police Services found my bike and tracked it to me through the Bike Index! translated from English

Mathieu Bike recovered 2020.6.1

Someone saw the Bike Index alert! They'd posted about it on Next Door and when nobody responded, they did some research and found Bike Index. I am so glad we went to the trouble of registering our child's bike as well as the adult bikes in the household. Our son is thrilled. Thank you!! translated from English

Christine Bike recovered 2020.6.1

A wonderful man saw the bike with a neighbor and knew it wasn't hers. He checked on Bike Index, saw it was stolen, and called me. He even delivered the bike to me in Queen Anne. Amazing. I am so happy. translated from English

Jonathan Bike recovered 2020.5.30

I received a tip from a Bike Index user who spotted it with some people working on a bunch of bikes along the street. I contacted the police who assisted in recovering it. I was not expecting to see this bike again, which I'd owned and loved for 10 years. Registry and community sometimes work out! translated from English

Brian Bike recovered 2020.5.27

Transit police in Calgary saw it after seeing it on Bike Index. Pulled the guy over and ran it through Bike Index, identified it, and confiscated it. translated from English

Emma Bike recovered 2020.5.25

Police found several bikes. Because my bike was registered as stolen, they were able to seize it on the spot. They phoned me and I went right down and picked it up. Wow! What a great feeling. I wish all my fellow cyclists could get their bikes back and feel this good about it. translated from English

John Bike recovered 2020.5.24

Edmonton Police found it for me through Bike Index. Super thankful! translated from English

Justin Bike recovered 2020.5.22

The police found someone riding my bike, saw it matched the description on Bike Index, and contacted me to return the bike! translated from English

Hamed Bike recovered 2020.5.22

Notified through Bike Index that bike was listed on OfferUp. Met up with the seller and got the bike back by telling the thief cops were on the way. He gave it back and took off. Thanks so much - the Bike Index community is awesome! translated from English

Kelsey Bike recovered 2020.5.21

Recovered on May 18, 202 by the Calgary Police Service. Police officers said that Bike Index was a solid tool in supporting the recovery. translated from English

David Bike recovered 2020.5.18

Officers conducted follow up on a report of possession of stolen property. This bike (along with many others) was located in the residence of a person of interest. Super helpful to pull up Bike Index on scene and verify the bike was stolen. translated from English

Timothy Bike recovered 2020.5.18

Edmonton Police Services arrested someone for theft and matched the bike he was riding with my posting on Bike Index. Thank you to Bike Index, EPS and Cst. Clarke for finding my stolen bike! translated from English

Mathieu Bike recovered 2020.5.13

One of our neighbors found it in their front yard and looked up the bike here and found our details. Bike Index is a wonderful resource. translated from English

Pablo Bike recovered 2020.5.12

Edmonton Police Service recovered it and notified me - they had my details thanks to Bike Index :-) translated from English

Kim Bike recovered 2020.5.11

A nearby worker saw your post. He ran outside and placed his own U-Lock on the bike so it wouldn't be moved. When the police finally got in contact with me they were able to recover the bike. Your community is amazing and I would have never recovered the bike with out it! translated from English

Ryan Bike recovered 2020.5.11

Edmonton downtown police department called me and asked me to update the Bike Index entry for this bike which definitely helped. They specifically mentioned the 'partial serial search' feature on here that led them to the entry for my bike and enabled them to match it to the picture. translated from English

Peter Bike recovered 2020.5.11

Someone saw it and called it in as they recognized it from Bike Index. Within the next 24 hours, Edmonton Police Service recovered it, called me, and I was able to pick it up. translated from English

Anthony Bike recovered 2020.5.10

This bike was reported stolen over two years ago and appeared in a LetGo ad a few months ago. Yesterday, the Edmonton Police stopped someone who was riding the bike downtown, checked the serial number, and held onto the bike as a match. We picked it up today. We're happy to have it back! translated from English

Lara Bike recovered 2020.5.10

Someone saw the bike on the street. They checked Bike Index and saw my post. I got a text from them saying they thought they had located my bike! I was able to drive over and retrieve the bike. I couldn't be more excited. Thank you Bike Index! translated from English

Dale Bike recovered 2020.5.9

Police spotted it with someone who didn't appear to be the owner. They used Bike Index to ID it as stolen & gave me a call to pick it up at the station translated from English

Michael Bike recovered 2020.5.8

Calgary Police Services did a wonderful job of identifying and returning my bike back to me. Thank you so much guys! Wish I could buy you a beer! :) Will definitely recommend Bike Index to friends riding/living in the area. translated from English

Logan Bike recovered 2020.5.7

Seattle Police Department was contacted by the owner of a pawn shop after they checked the serial number of a bike brought to their store against Bike Index's stolen bike database. translated from English

Ben Bike recovered 2020.5.7

Someone saw my bike on Bike Index and called me. translated from English

Kera Bike recovered 2020.5.7

The bike was recovered from local pawn shop after the new owner purchased it and ran the serial number on Bike Index when they got home. It came up stolen so they took the bike back to the pawnshop and EPS members recovered it soon after. translated from English

Greg Bike recovered 2020.5.6

Via Facebook group. I made an account with Bike Index, put my bike in, and created a promotion through Facebook. I then received a message from someone saying they saw my bike on Facebook Marketplace. translated from English

Jayson Bike recovered 2020.5.5

Portland Police + Bike Index! translated from English

Augusto Bike recovered 2020.5.4

This morning I received an e-mail from someone who had noticed my bike on Bike Index and then encountered it on a walk in South Seattle. They brought it to their home. The bike was returned with the help of a UW Police Department detective as well. Thank you to Bike Index, Kory, and UW PD! translated from English

Steve Bike recovered 2020.4.30

After seeing from Bike Index that this bike was stolen, a Good Samaritan returned my bike to a pawnshop where he purchased it. Pawnshop alerted Seattle Police Pawns department who alerted Bike Index who alerted me. Thanks to everyone who made this happen! It's a beautiful day out there! translated from English

Che Bike recovered 2020.4.30

Seattle PD found my bike and used Bike Index to find me. I got my bike back in 3 days. translated from English

Rachel Bike recovered 2020.4.29

Someone sent me an email that they had bought the bike and then returned it. Two bikes out of five have come home, I am in love with you guys!!! Bike Index has saved my life, literally the only thing I need is my bike!!!!! translated from English

Dennis Bike recovered 2020.4.27

Big shout out to Bike Index. After 6 years I received an email “We think this is your bike on OfferUP.“ We arranged to a time to meet with Clark County Sheriff backup and I confirmed via the serial that this was my bike. In very good condition for being away for 6 years! Thank you Bike Index. translated from English

Ann Bike recovered 2020.4.27

A very kind person saw someone riding this bike. He looked into Bike Index to see if an alert had been placed. He texted me right away with the location of where it was last seen and I was able to coordinate help from Edmonton Police Services) to get my beloved bike back! translated from English

Elena Bike recovered 2020.4.27

I found it myself on Kijiji but the legwork was done by Edmonton Police Service and Veron RCMP. Thanks to the stolen bikes Facebook community for getting me in touch with the right folks and Bike Index for helping folks like me get their stolen property back! translated from English

Clayton Bike recovered 2020.4.26

A community member found this in their back alley approximately 5km from where it was stolen. They reported it to the police who contacted us. They looked up the serial number on Bike Index! translated from English

Jason Bike recovered 2020.4.26

Officer Dave Sanders from the Portland Police Bureau called me yesterday to let me know me the Police recovered my stolen bike. I went this morning to the PPB and came back home riding my old good Virtue, which is in good shape after all. Thank you so much PPB and Bike Index for all your help! <3 translated from English

Ramiro Bike recovered 2020.4.24

I posted the bike on Bike Index and multiple social media platforms and the Folsom Police Department officers located my bike. I filed a police report immediately, within 30 minutes of the theft, and provided serial numbers and a clear photo of the bike. translated from English

Mark Bike recovered 2020.4.24

Someone notified me that a bike matching mine's description on Bike Index was listed on the Facebook Marketplace of a local pawn shop. The Kansas City Police assisted with the retrieval. Thanks for maintaining this site, without it, my bike would have never been recovered! translated from English

Corey Bike recovered 2020.4.23

After posting about the stolen bike around 10:30am we got a phone call at 4:15pm. While in a back alley someone noticed a bike left oddly abandoned nearby which turned out to be mine. He told me he saw it through a Facebook posting. Thanks to Bike Edmonton and Bike Index for making this website. translated from English

Richard Bike recovered 2020.4.19

5 years later the bike has been recovered!!!!! Amazing!! The buyer used Bike Index and the police to contact me. I encourage everyone to register their bike from day 1 of purchase. Since we had already replaced the bike years ago we let them keep it. Now they have a cool story for their bike. translated from English

Brett Bike recovered 2020.4.17

Recovered by Edmonton Police Service, a Bike Index partner. translated from English

Ray Bike recovered 2020.4.15

The police called. The found and arrested the individual riding my bike. The police said they checked Bike Index and determined it was stolen. The serial number was a great help. I can't wait to go pick it up. Thank you so much. translated from English

Jen Bike recovered 2020.4.13