Recovery Stories

A man recognized the bike based on pictures posted at Bike Index. The Bike Index post shared on Facebook and by other friends circulated the pictures. I am so grateful to the Calgary bike community, MEC and especially Bike Index for their service. translated from English

Michelle Bike recovered 2020.2.26

A police officer contacted me saying they found the bike. They were contacted via Bike Index. translated from English

Vegas Bike recovered 2020.2.25

My bike was recovered thanks to a combination of people from Bike Index, Facebook, and the King County Sheriff's office. translated from English

Jeffrey Bike recovered 2020.2.24

Someone found the bike from a guy re-selling it was and was kind enough to reach out and return it. He saw my posting here and was able to contact me. translated from English

Chris Bike recovered 2020.2.21

Somebody saw my post on Bike Index matching a suspicious cargo bike for sale on Facebook. They reached out to the seller and asked for a few pictures that pretty definitively linked the bike to me. Seattle PD did the rest, setting up a meeting to buy the bike and recovering it. translated from English

John Bike recovered 2020.2.21

I received a text from someone who knew the individual who bought the stolen bike but later learned it was marked stolen on the Bike Index. She wanted to return the bike to me anonymously. The Lake Oswego Police agreed to act as an intermediary and recovered the bike for me. translated from English

Sue Bike recovered 2020.2.17

Someone has bought it off of someone else and searched the serial number on Bike Index, got my contact info, and returned it to me. translated from English

Melissa Bike recovered 2020.2.17

Someone great found this using Bike Index and contacted me via text!!! YAY BIKE INDEX...and HUGE YAY FOR THE PERSON WHO CARED ENOUGH TO LEVERAGE BIKE INDEX...AMAZING! Assuming it is rideable, it will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club for a third life. translated from English

Suzie Bike recovered 2020.2.14

Someone found dumped it in their driveway and someone else found my post on Bike Index and connected us. translated from English

Jessica Bike recovered 2020.2.14

Thanks to this ad I had a lot of people who were watching out. Three people who had spotted the bike contacted me. A young guy had bought it from one of the guys who stole it from my son and was frightened as he had been told it was on Bike Index as stolen! Thanks to this site it's been recovered. translated from English

Cathy Bike recovered 2020.2.13

Someone bought it off Craigslist and then thought to search in case it was stolen. Amazingly, they found my post on Bike Index and were generous enough to give it back even though it meant that they would lose their money. I'm so grateful for this website and for good people who do the right thing! translated from English

Marcella Bike recovered 2020.2.11

Bike got stashed in someone's yard. Thankfully the property owner had the wherewithal to look up the bike on Bike Index. Thanks Bike Index for the database that helped find this bike. translated from English

Kevin Bike recovered 2020.2.10

Portland Police Bureau's Bike Task Force recovered the bike with the help of Bike Index. translated from English

Sarah Bike recovered 2020.2.6

Someone found it in the woods behind their apartment complex and checked the serial number here on Bike Index. They called me to return it. After 4 months I figured it was long gone. translated from English

Peter Bike recovered 2020.2.5

I got an email from a stranger who'd found me via Bike Index. She'd seen my bike for sale on the street and figured it was stolen and that someone was really missing it. She bought it intending to try and find the owner. This was a huge success! translated from English

Jane Bike recovered 2020.2.4

My cousin picked it up for me from the police. Cst. Lamb and I picked it up in Calgary from my cousin. Just got it back this weekend. Got contacted through Bike Index and then called by the police. translated from English

Marc Bike recovered 2020.2.4

Someone contacted me through Bike Index and returned my bike to me after finding it a few miles from my house. translated from English

Laura Bike recovered 2020.2.3

A friend spotted it in my neighborhood and I called Portland Police non-emergency and an officer recovered the bike! I think sharing about the stolen bike on social media helped my friends know what the bike looked like and keep a lookout for it! translated from English

Alison Bike recovered 2020.2.3

It was found by the great guys of Stolen Bikes Nola (a Bike Index partner). They rock!! translated from English

Stephanie Bike recovered 2020.2.1

SPD recovered the bike from an encampment in Seattle and I was contacted through BikeIndex by Officer Stewart. He very graciously personally drove it to me. THANK YOU Bike Index and Officer Stewart!!!! translated from English

Adrianna Bike recovered 2020.1.30

I had filed a complaint with Fremont Police, California. They found a suspicious bike in a nearby shopping mall area and when they checked the serial they confirmed that it was stolen and recovered it. translated from English

Dennis Bike recovered 2020.1.30

Deputy regularly checks Bike Index and recognized it on the street. Based on the information here, he was able to get it back to me in less than a week from when it was stolen! translated from English

Nick Bike recovered 2020.1.30

An officer from the Portland Police Department saw my bike against a transient motor home. Knowing the bike cost more than the motor home he looked on Bike Index and saw my bike was stolen. He called the original owner, the shop that bought it, and then me. translated from English

Joaquin Bike recovered 2020.1.26

Someone found this bike, looked it up on the Bike Index, then called and returned it to me (3 years later)! translated from English

Sarah Bike recovered 2020.1.26

Interdicted the person who had, Unfortunately was a homeless female. Bike Index did a great job because the Police Station had your report on the wall and everyone knew about it at the local PD, so when we called and said we found it, they knew right away what bike it was. translated from English

Chris Bike recovered 2020.1.22

Recovered when Bike Index and Revolution Bicycle contacted me with info of a possible match for sale. EPS and Revolution coordinated to set up a sting and recovered the bike from a known thief. Many thanks to all involved. Very impressed that this worked out! translated from English

Bruce Bike recovered 2020.1.19

I saw my bike posted on a stolen bikes Facebook page (that Bike Index recommended I join) and I sent my Bike Index link to the RCMP. The serial numbers matched and Beaumont RCMP found the bike when serving an arrest warrant! translated from English

Nadia Bike recovered 2020.1.15

A Good Samaritan searched the serial number, which led her to me! translated from English

Kaci Bike recovered 2020.1.7

Thank you Bike Index! A guy who got my bike in an auction sold the bike to another guy who (thankfully!) checked Bike Index after purchasing it. He saw it was stolen and was decent enough to reach out. Without Bike Index he would not have had a way of knowing it was stolen or finding me. Thank you! translated from English

Barb Bike recovered 2020.1.7

I received an email in the middle of the night from user Bryan who alerted me that the bike was being sold on OfferUp. With some help from the police, it was recovered in nearly two days. translated from English

Leif Bike recovered 2020.1.6

Someone checked the serial number on the bike after a purchase. They got my number and I was able to get it back. translated from English

Kale Bike recovered 2019.12.31

A thief sold my bike around 3rd and Pike Street for $100. The buyer went to register the bike as his own on the Bike Index and realized it was stolen from my post. I'm glad he reached out to return my bike! translated from English

Melissa Bike recovered 2019.12.30

A stranger found it abandoned downtown and saw your ad/alert on Twitter. He reached out to me via the phone number I had listed on Bike Index and I was able to safely get my bike back for free. Yay for kind humans! translated from English

AnnaJoy Bike recovered 2019.12.21

Registering my bike on Bike Index over a year ago was my proof of ownership. Enough people around town knew my bike. Two fellow bike enthusiasts came to my aid by identifying and locating the bike, and staying with it until I got there. translated from English

Samantha Bike recovered 2019.12.18

I purchased the bike from a local shop that had recorded the sale, my name, and the serial number. They told me to list it on Bike Index. A month after the theft I got a call out of the blue from someone saying they had my bike. They knew about Bike Index and acted with integrity. So grateful. translated from English

Lex Bike recovered 2019.12.17

I have had several people looking out for this bike and contacting me over the past few months but finally, somebody messaged me on Stolen Bikes NOLA and said they had my bike. Bike Index worked even though I didnt have the serial number to provide. What a wonderful early Christmas gift. translated from English

Michael Bike recovered 2019.12.17

I received an email from Bike Index Calgary advising me of a suspicious ad on Kijiji. Police arrested the seller. If it wasn’t for Bike Index I might not have recovered my bike. They notified me within hours of it being posted for sale. I recommend that everyone who values their bike register it. translated from English

Matt Bike recovered 2019.12.15

Thank you officer Walter at Portland Police department for finding it and returning it home :) And thank you Bike Index peeps for your help and support in spreading the word. It worked! translated from English

Jill Bike recovered 2019.12.12

A post on gave me hope and then someone else saw it on a police car. Then a text came in from Bike Index stating the officer contacted them and had my bike. From the moment I discovered it was missing to recovery was about 5 hours. translated from English

Brian Bike recovered 2019.12.11

A caring Ballard resident found the bike thrown in his bushes. He made the effort to contact police who directed him to Bike Index! He was able to contact me and return the bike unharmed. This would never have happened without Bike Index. Thanks!!! translated from English

JS Bike recovered 2019.12.11

A gentleman from Bike Index called me and said it was posted on OfferUp! We met the guy with the police and got our bike back! translated from English

Avery Bike recovered 2019.12.10

I was alerted via Bike Index about the sale of my bicycle on OfferUp. My friend took possession of the bike and informed the seller with proof that the bike had been stolen. None of this would've happened without his diligent checking against Bike Index and alerting me to the sale. translated from English

Andrew Bike recovered 2019.12.8

Bike Index partner Portland Police Bureau Bike Theft Task Force searched high and low and found my beauty this week! The bike was in great shape, even though it had been in a pretty rough place for nearly 2.5 months. Thanks guys! translated from English

Mike Bike recovered 2019.12.8

The police recovered the bike from a pawn shop. Many thanks to Bike Index partner, UWPD! translated from English

Joseph Bike recovered 2019.12.5

Stolen Bikes Edmonton and EPS texted me last weekend with a photo of the bike recovered by police. Confirmation received, and bike recovered! Thanks Bike Index, Stolen Bikes Edmonton, and Edmonton Police Services! translated from English

Aaron Bike recovered 2019.12.4

It was brought to a bike shop by the person who stole it for a tune-up and the shop ran the serial on Bike Index and contacted me. translated from English

Laura Bike recovered 2019.12.2

Someone from Bike Index found my bike on Kijiji and contacted me. Police and I recovered it with an under cover cop! translated from English

kirsti Bike recovered 2019.11.30

Through Bike Index someone contacted me that they found my bike locked up at an encampment and we got her free! translated from English

Thenisia Bike recovered 2019.11.25

Bike Index partner, Stolen Bikes NOLA found it! translated from English

Nancy Bike recovered 2019.11.23

A wonderful human found in through Bike Index! translated from English

Lynn Bike recovered 2019.11.23