Recovery Stories

Neighbour found in their yard, they checked Bike Index, got my number and called me!! translated from English

Stephen Bike recovered 2020.9.3

I tracked the bike down on Craigslist. The seller bought it on an app called LetGo. Bike Index did not help directly but did give me a sense of control and comfort in its explanation on how to alert others. Also, having step-by-step instructions on how to handle the reporting was very reassuring. translated from English

Kelly Bike recovered 2020.9.2

Someone in the neighbourhood found my bike at Forest Heights in the park just lying there so he brought it home and checked the serial number on Bike Index. Bike Index was the key to having this bike returned to me so I am very happy about registering the bike with Bike Index. translated from English

Adrian Bike recovered 2020.9.2

Calgary Police Service on-line theft unit got it back from a seller on Kijiji after I received several alerts from a Bike Index user as to its listing on Kijiji. translated from English

Cathy Bike recovered 2020.9.2

Spotted by a Bike Index user for sale on Facebook, swooped up by Calgary PD the same day. translated from English

Reka Bike recovered 2020.9.1

Just a day after the theft, the thief posted it for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Six days later, I received a text from a person who purchased it. They found my listing on Bike Index, messaged me, and I got my bike back on 8/30. I am so thankful for this site (and good people). Thank you! translated from English

Dayna Bike recovered 2020.8.31

Police had it in their property room. Because I had it registered on Bike Index I was able to recover it almost immediately! Great work translated from English

Colin Bike recovered 2020.8.29

Edmonton Police got it back from a bike shop that ran it on Bike Index. translated from English

Winston Bike recovered 2020.8.28

Some guys saw the bike and then found me through Bike Index, therefore reaching out to me to return it. translated from English

Steven Bike recovered 2020.8.28

Someone saw my Bike Index registry and responded with information which led to the bike being returned! Thank you!! translated from English

Joel Bike recovered 2020.8.26

My bike was found a few blocks from my home parked on a sidewalk. They took it home, got an alert on the serial number, checked Bike Index and found a match, and located me via our neighborhood blog. It seems the thieves realized that an electric bike without a battery or a key is not very useful. translated from English

Lauren Bike recovered 2020.8.25

We were notified by someone who saw the bike for sale on OfferUp. He searched Bike Index and contacted me. We contacted the seller. After providing some more details about the bike along with photos, the seller gave us the bike back. He said he had purchased it recently from someone in Corvalis. translated from English

Laurie Bike recovered 2020.8.25

Edmonton Police found it at a local pawnshop. Thank you EPS and Bike Index. If I never registered my bike, there's a huge chance that I would not have gotten it back. Thank you. translated from English

Ernie Bike recovered 2020.8.24

A good samaritan bought the bike for his son who then checked Bike Index and found it was stolen. He contacted me and returned it. translated from English

Magnus Bike recovered 2020.8.24

The thief tried to sell it on LetGo and someone noticed it matched a Bike Index stolen bike and alerted the police. translated from English

Jody Bike recovered 2020.8.23

A buyer on Craigslist was a little suspicious. The buyer searched Bike Index, saw my post, and the serial number matched. The buyer was able to get the money back from the seller, then contacted me and returned the bike. Thank you so much to the buyer and also Bike Index. translated from English

Andrew Bike recovered 2020.8.22

A fellow Bike Index member spotted my bike and contacted me. He waited there until I arrived with my husband to retrieve it. translated from English

Vianny Bike recovered 2020.8.19

Tracy, the amazing bike recovery lady, found it on OfferUp. She got a hold of me through Bike Index and texted and emailed. She met the guy and we got it back! So many other twists and turns, but this site works and the system works. translated from English

Jennifer Bike recovered 2020.8.18

Tracy, the amazing bike recovery lady, found it on OfferUp. She got a hold of me through Bike Index and texted and emailed. She met the guy and we got it back! So many other twists and turns, but this site works and your system works. translated from English

Jennifer Bike recovered 2020.8.18

A neighbor found it ditched in the alley and checked Bike Index. translated from English

Jennifer Bike recovered 2020.8.18

Someone found a listing on Facebook Marketplace, was able to get the serial # from the seller, ran it through this Bike Index, found my contact info, and reached out to let me know! translated from English

Nathan Bike recovered 2020.8.18

A police officer who regularly checks our Bike Index saw a photo of my bike, and happened to spot it on the street the next day. I had my bike back within 2 days of posting - thanks Bike Index, and the King County sheriff's office! translated from English

Gemma Bike recovered 2020.8.17

Huge shout out to James from for spotting my bike and even returning it to my house!! Awesome job - recovered in just 8 days. Thank you Bike Index so much!! translated from English

Joshua Bike recovered 2020.8.16

I was contacted this morning by Calgary Police saying they recovered the bike around one hour after it was stolen. Through my police report and the Bike Index profile (shared on Facebook), they were able to contact me. Thanks so much to Calgary Police and Bike Index, I am very grateful! translated from English

Amy Bike recovered 2020.8.16

Calgary Police recovered it and were able to track it back to me using Bike Index! translated from English

Reid Bike recovered 2020.8.14

The police found it at a pawn shop using the serial number we had put on Bike Index - so grateful! translated from English

Ellen Bike recovered 2020.8.13

A good samaritan saw it was reported on this site as stolen. Helped find an OfferUp ad that the suspected thief posted and set up a meet for the exchange. THANKS SO MUCH BIKE INDEX!! translated from English

Scott Bike recovered 2020.8.13

Edmonton Police contacted me because I registered my bike on Bike Index. translated from English

Joseph Bike recovered 2020.8.12

Someone checked Bike Index right when they bought it but it seems it was just before I registered it. They went to register it under their name today after owning it for a few months and realized it was stolen. They called me and I got it back. The system worked! translated from English

Kyle Bike recovered 2020.8.12

I got a message through bike index about my bike being recovered and I couldn't believe it as this was my 3rd stolen bike in 5 years. Happy to say this one sure came back. Thanks to those keeping an eye out and to Bike Index. translated from English

Mauricio Bike recovered 2020.8.12

Through the fantastic employees at Caltrain Bike Station in San Francisco!! Thank you to them and to Bike Index which they used to find me and get it returned. translated from English

Tori Bike recovered 2020.8.12

Officer Norris of EPS stopped the person riding my bike, and after a few questions and checking Bike Index, he collected my bike. Thank you EPS and Bike Index for making me a very happy girl today!! translated from English

Darrien Bike recovered 2020.8.12

An honest kid bought my bike from the thief. He scanned the QR code and my name popped up on 5 different sites with the bike and serial number as stolen. Thank you to Bike Index for helping to spread the word! translated from English

Bekah Bike recovered 2020.8.7

I received an email from someone who read about this bike on Bike Index. My wife and I went to where it was last seen and some people there helped us recover the bicycle. Thanks to Eric and Bike Index, my daughter's bicycle was only gone for 1.5 days. Now I have some renewed hope. Thank you!!!! translated from English

Gilbert Bike recovered 2020.8.6

Someone saw the bike being loaded into a car down the road. Whoever had it got spooked and dropped the bike, so the observer called the police. The police matched it on Bike Index! translated from English

Suzanne Bike recovered 2020.8.6

We were contacted by Bike Index saying someone was selling it on Facebook Marketplace. We met as buyers and verified the serial number. We wouldn't have recovered this bike without you! Thank you!!! translated from English

Bekah Bike recovered 2020.8.5

Someone found my bike stashed on their property and looked it up on Bike Index to see if it was stolen, and contacted me! translated from English

Deborah Bike recovered 2020.8.4

Edmonton Police Service recovered it. They stressed that they recover a lot more these days due to Bike Index. translated from English

Bradley Bike recovered 2020.8.3

An innocent purchaser entered the frame number on the internet and observed a Bike Index hit with the owner's phone number. He called to coordinate its return. translated from English

Jeff Bike recovered 2020.8.2

We received information from people on Bike Index and located the person with the bike. With a little help from the police, the bike was returned without incident. translated from English

Parker Bike recovered 2020.8.1

I listed it on Bike Index when it was stolen. Somebody contacted me yesterday - they saw it on OfferUp for a super low price. The bike then popped up on Craigslist in a different location. I contacted the seller, then the Bellevue police, and went over to meet them and got it back. translated from English

D Bike recovered 2020.8.1

EPS followed up on a Facebook posting on Stolen Bikes Edmonton and Area and a few weeks later EPS showed up at our door with the bike. The posting had a copy of the serial number which was on Bike Index and confirmed it was our bike. Husband is very happy it's been returned! translated from English

Allison Bike recovered 2020.7.29

The owner of a pawnshop ran the serial number and found that my bike was registered as stolen on Bike Index. The pawnshop works with Edmonton Police Service who tracked me down as the original bike owner! I got the bike back 4 weeks from the day it was stolen. translated from English

Christine Bike recovered 2020.7.29

Another guy bought it from OfferUp and checked Bike Index when he got home and saw it was stolen. Luckily he was so honest to reach out to us and we reimbursed him. Glad there are those kinds of people out there! translated from English

Verena Bike recovered 2020.7.28

It was found abandoned and returned to me by way of Bike Index. translated from English

Miranda Bike recovered 2020.7.27

Police recovered it and found my contact info through Bike Index. translated from English

K Bike recovered 2020.7.27

Someone saw the bike, ran the serial number on Bike Index, and contacted me! translated from English

Kevin Bike recovered 2020.7.26

Calgary police recognized my bike from Facebook and Bike Index and returned it to me this morning! translated from English

Dirtbagel Bike recovered 2020.7.25

EPS first looked on Bike Index when they found my bike by the photo and the area that I live in. I never thought I would see my bike again after it was stolen. I am so happy to have had it returned. Thank You Bike Index! translated from English

Jennifer Bike recovered 2020.7.22

Cash Canada received the bike the afternoon of the theft. The manager checked Bike Index and called me. I'm waiting for EPS to see Cash Canada about obtaining the thief's information. Fingers crossed the police can ID this guy and hopefully recover my wife's bike. translated from English

Robert Bike recovered 2020.7.20