Recovery Stories

Thanks to the diligence Edmonton Police Service Recovery Unit and Bike Index. Bike was recovered in four days. You Rock!

Medium recovery 1154 Martin Bike recovered 2019.7.25

Police recovered it when doing another arrest. They ran the serial number and found my police report.

Medium recovery 1156 Melissa Bike recovered 2019.7.25

The police recovered the bike from the thief and checked Bike Index to see if it belonged to anyone on there. They contacted me and returned it! Thanks so much Bike Index!!!

Medium recovery 1157 Robin Bike recovered 2019.7.24

Sheriff's Department recovered it from burglar, afterwards they contacted me via Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1158 Jerrod Bike recovered 2019.7.24

The buyer contacted me after purchasing the bike. He found my contact info using Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1159 Brett Bike recovered 2019.7.23

Bike Index sent me a message after someone saw my bike on Craigslist. I contacted the local PD in the area where the bike was listed and they recovered it for me. Thanks Bike Index!

Medium recovery 1152 Rolf Bike recovered 2019.7.22

Recovered via Stolen Bikes NOLA, who got in touch with me using Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1151 Julie Bike recovered 2019.7.22

A pawn shop checked Bike Index, saw that it was stolen, and handed t in to the police.

Medium recovery 1150 Katarina Bike recovered 2019.7.19

County deputy called my phone number after checking Bike Index. I was one character wrong on my serial number but the description and photo got it connected back to me.

Medium recovery 1149 Kyle Bike recovered 2019.7.18

p:ear bike works recovered and ran the serial then called me!

Medium recovery 1145 Steven Farring Bike recovered 2019.7.13

The bike was purchased for a very low price, and when the new owners went home to look up the bike they realized it was worth a lot more than they paid for it. They looked up the serial on Bike Index and realized it was stolen. Thanks, Bike Index!

Medium recovery 1147 Alicia Bike recovered 2019.7.13

Someone purchased the bike without knowing it was stolen, discovered it on Bike Index and returned it with the help of your site and the Edmonton Police.

Medium recovery 1148 Huw Bike recovered 2019.7.13

With the help of Bike Index and the Edmonton Police Service. Thank you!

Medium recovery 1144 Court Bike recovered 2019.7.10

Bicycle Space Ivy City (DC) recovered my bike. They used the Bike Index to contact me afterwards!

Medium recovery 1143 Jane Bike recovered 2019.7.10

Security footage of the thief, putting up posters, and asking locals. They recognize the guy and the areas he is usually in. I drove around and spotted it chained up in a chain-link fence. The local police helped me retrieve it after confirming the serial number on the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1142 Mike Miles Bike recovered 2019.7.9

Stolen Bikes NOLA recovery. They contacted me via Bike Index!

Medium recovery 1140 Heidi Bike recovered 2019.7.7

Bike Index helped the finder locate me and return my bike. Thanks!

Medium recovery 1139 Alex Bike recovered 2019.7.6

Thief was trying to trade the bike with a seller on Pinkbike. Seller realized thief knew nothing about the bike and thought it might be stolen. He found my bike on the Bike Index and contacted me. We worked with local police to recover the bike and arrest the thief.

Medium recovery 1138 Adam Bike recovered 2019.7.5

Sequim, WA Police department got a call from an honest citizen who found it in a storage locker rented by the thief.

Medium recovery 1137 Scott Bike recovered 2019.7.4

EPS found this bike, big shout out to them. They contacted me via Bike Index!

Medium recovery 1146 Tyler Bike recovered 2019.7.4

Someone sent me a link (through Bike Index) to a Facebook marketplace posting and my friends stole my bike back

Medium recovery 1135 Gabriel Bike recovered 2019.7.1

Boise Police Department used the picture on the Bike Index to positively match the bike at a local pawn shop.

Medium recovery 1133 Alyssa Bike recovered 2019.6.28

It was found by another user on the Bike Index. He purchased it from someone on the street and search the serial number in your database. So amazed it was found!

Medium recovery 1132 Rainie Bike recovered 2019.6.28

Fellow user from the Bike Index user spotted it on kijiji and police retrieved it. Thanks!

Medium recovery 1131 Gail Bike recovered 2019.6.24

A woman who had prior experience with her bike getting stolen, spotted it and noticed that it looked out of place. She was able to contact me through the Bike Index and verify that it was ours!

Medium recovery 1130 Amy Bike recovered 2019.6.22

Bike was brought into Huckleberry Bicycles in downtown SF just before 5 PM same day as stolen. The employee looked it up on the Bike Index and it was near the top of your list. Employee notified me through the Bike Index. I'm now an evangelist for your service.

Medium recovery 1129 John Bike recovered 2019.6.21

Someone had contacted me saying he ended up buying the bike from someone else and had found out the bike was reported stolen. He offered to send the bike back to me or compensate me for the value of the bike for him to keep it. Amazed at his honesty, I offered to sell him the bike at a discount.

Medium recovery 1128 Paramintr Bike recovered 2019.6.20

Seattle North precinct officer found it after viewing the Bike Index listing! I listed it under 12 hours before he found it!

Medium recovery 1127 Patrick Bike recovered 2019.6.16

A Bike Index user saw my bike on the street, checked the Bike Index, realized it was my bike. The next day he came back and confronted the owner, who admitted the bike was stolen. He contacted me via the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1126 Greg Bike recovered 2019.6.13

Stolen bikes NOLA helped me recover it! They contacts me via the Bike Index!

Medium recovery 1125 Stolen Bikes NOLA Bike recovered 2019.6.12

Recovered by stolen bikes NOLA, contacted via the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1124 Tim Bike recovered 2019.6.11

A neighbor found it in tact and then it on the Bike Index. Thanks!

Medium recovery 1123 Andy Bike recovered 2019.6.11

The bike was found in Bellingham. They noticed an individual left with no bike and returned with a newer bike and decided to check it out. The found my bike information listed on the Bike Index and contacted me.

Medium recovery 1122 Kyle Bike recovered 2019.6.6

The Bike Index emailed me and said they had seen a post about it Reddit from somebody who found it in their back yard.

Medium recovery 1121 Chris Bike recovered 2019.6.5

Through the Bike Index! Someone found it and fixed it up.

Medium recovery 1120 Andrew Bike recovered 2019.6.5

Alex from stolen bikes NOLA reclaimed it from someone who had purchased it for $45! After 2 months, my bike was sighted on Esplanade and it was recovered without conflict. They contacted me via the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1119 Tara Bike recovered 2019.6.5

A good Samaritan in the neighborhood found the bike behind a dumpster and called me through the Bike Index! Reunited and it feels so good!

Medium recovery 1118 Alex Bike recovered 2019.6.4

Recovered by Stolen Bikes NOLA, they contacted me via the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1117 James Bike recovered 2019.6.3

Recovered by Stolen Bikes NOLA, they contacted me via the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1116 Stolen Bikes NOLA Bike recovered 2019.6.3

Stolen bikes Nola helped find it with the help of the Bike Index!

Medium recovery 1115 Samira Bike recovered 2019.6.1

Found a couple miles east of our house in an alley. I was notified by an upstanding citizen that connected with me via the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1114 Wade Bike recovered 2019.5.29

The Seattle Police Department found it and it contacted me via the Bike Index

Medium recovery 1113 Ryan Bike recovered 2019.5.29

It was brought into Velo Bike Shop in Seattle for a flat repair and the amazing team there (thank you so much Val) was skeptical and looked the bike up on the Bike Index. I never thought I would see my bike again, especially after almost three years.

Medium recovery 1112 Gregory Bike recovered 2019.5.29

Someone found it and reached me using the Bike Index!

Medium recovery 1111 Blahdia Bike recovered 2019.5.28

I found an ad for this bike on Kijiji, set up a meeting and checked the Serial Number. It was in fact the same one so I reported it to the local RCMP and they recovered it after verifying it on the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1110 Neil Bike recovered 2019.5.27

Spotted in downtown PDX. Then PPb bike theft recovered it from the thieves and contacted me via the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1109 Carrie Bike recovered 2019.5.27

A person bought it, saw that it was stolen and contacted me via the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1108 Cassandra Bike recovered 2019.5.24

Someone from stolen bikes Nola found it!! The contacted me via the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 1107 Marisa Bike recovered 2019.5.24

Someone bought it on internet. Later, he realized it was reported as stolen and he returned it to the police office at Stony Plain, who contacted me via the Bike Index. Amazing people is out there.

Medium recovery 1106 Francisco Bike recovered 2019.5.24

Recovered via the Bike index and PDX police

Medium recovery 1105 Roberto Bike recovered 2019.5.24