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User on the Bike Index recognized it on offerup from seller with multiple stolen bikes, with help from pdx bike thief division bike was recovered, but was destroyed by scumbags.

Justin Bike recovered 04.14.2017

Police called yesterday. Said someone rode it up to the station and dropped it off. Officer was as bewildered as I am. I haven't been able to pick it up yet, but they said everything is there! Good News Story

Daryl Bike recovered 04.13.2017

I received a call from 'Way Cool Stuff' in Gresham. Someone attempted to sell this bike to them. Way Cool owner checked the Bike index and told the guy it was stolen, and his name did not match his fake/stolen Oregon drivers license. He ran our of the store very fast. No camera info unfortunately. An amazing win for the good guys in life! Thanks

Brian Recumbent recovered 04.13.2017

Awesome Policeman Brad found it at a homeless shelter and delivered to me!

Yunus Bike recovered 04.12.2017

A very nice gentleman found my bike in his backyard and noticed that it was a very nice bike. After calling around and searching for ways to get in touch with the owner, he finally got in touch with you guys, Bike Index, and contacted me. He emailed me Sunday morning and by the afternoon I was drinking a beer with my newly found bike!!

Aaron Bike recovered 04.10.2017

Thieves returned to my home on the stolen bike. They were persuaded to return it.

Seth Bike recovered 04.10.2017

Police found it and contacted me via Bike Index

Andrew Bike recovered 04.10.2017

It just so happens that the police recovered the bike the same day it was stolen. A good Samaritan, who saw what happened, alerted nearby police and the bike was recovered immediately. However, since I filed a police report with UCSF PD instead of SFPD it took a year for my bike to be returned. One year later, an SFPD officer looked up my bike on bike index and used the info on the site to find me. He contacted UCSF PD and they contacted me. Due to logistics and lack of direct contact with SFPD it took a really long time, but posting on the Bike Index really helped me get it back! Thanks!

Jennifer Bike recovered 04.08.2017

I placed search emails in Craigslist and eBay to notify me when a bike matching the year make model showed up. I received a notification from eBay that a bike matching my description was for sale. I called the local police and they notified the boulder Colorado police. The boulder pd went to the consignment shop and seized the bike. I then reached out to the bike shop that consigned my bike. They actually retrieved it from the police station, packaged and shipped it. Two key points: get auto notifications set up early and have a specific search on your bike and a broad search. Remember: if you find your bike at a reputable bike shop, they will help you, they're on the owners' side.

Matthew Bike recovered 04.07.2017

Someone tweeted at Bike Index and we were put in touch! It was TWITTER MAGIC!!!

Christine Bike recovered 04.06.2017
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