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Bay area bikes called me, saying that someone had brought in the bike for work, and saw it listed stolen in the Bike Index. I confirmed the bike stolen, and forwarded receipt information. An Oakland PD officer later called me to confirm receipt, and theft details, and returned my bike!

Jeff Bike recovered 10.21.2016

Thank you Bike Index and thank you PSU Bike Hub! A watchful eye of fine people brought this bike home! My bike was stolen out of a secure parking lot downtown. Surveillance video shows three people entering the parking garage in the middle of the day, two people hide under a staircase and shoot up, while the third cuts my lock and walks away with my bike. I get a call from Clint at the Bike Hub at PSU telling me that they found my bike and campus security have detained the perp and police were on their way. I called the officer who I just left to alert him to the situation and walked to PSU. There it was. There was my bike and the poor addict who stole it. The same kid who was seen in the parking garage the day before. It was covered with a bit of electrical tape and missing the bike bag, but it was back! Thank you Bike Index. If it wasn't for you, Clint at the Bike Hub would have no resource to use when he saw something that looked odd to him. He was able to pull up the index, see my report, alert security, stop a thief, and call me for the recovery! I recommend everyone register your bike with the Bike Index and get a proper lock!!

John Bike recovered 10.21.2016

RECOVERED!!!!!! Whoever stole it, returned it this morning. I found it outside my backyard gate when I was taking the recyclables out. I'm still in shock that I got it back, let alone that it was returned. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share my previous posts and to all the Philly bike shops for displaying the flyer and keeping an eye out for my bike.

Bob Bike recovered 10.19.2016

I spotted a suspicious pile of bikes under a tarp in a homeless encampment in Balboa Park, San Diego. I flagged down a nearby police officer, explained my situation (my bike had been stolen within the past 12 hours), and asked if he could investigate. He approached the transients, poked around, and pulled out a yellow bike... which was actually my formerly-white bike. They had painted the frame to disguise it. Luckily the bike doesn't appear damaged, aside from the paint. My wife's Giant mtn bike was sadly not in that big pile, so it is still missing, and who knows what color it is now.

Joel Barkan Bike recovered 10.19.2016

Dallas PD found it at a pawn shop after I reported it to them.

Chris Bike recovered 10.17.2016

The thief took the bike into a bike shop in Chico, CA. Thanks to the diligence of the shop employees, I was notified and the the Chico police recovered the bike.

Marc Bike recovered 10.17.2016

Police called after checking registration, found at a home with multiple other stolen bikes.

Eric & Christine Bike recovered 10.17.2016

Chandler PD recovered it. It was found in a backyard for a family that did not recognize it, they found it when they were taking out their trash. The thief took off the tires with the disc brake font and rear, the fork , the handle bar and replaced it with beat up parts. He/She possibly tried to sell it but thanks to the bike index and craigslist ads (that both had the serial number of the bike) and of course Chandler PD, they were not able to sell it. The word BAIT BIKE is now painted on the frame.

Sherif Bike recovered 10.17.2016

Bike was found with Bike Index assistance

Phillip Bike recovered 10.16.2016

Bike was found with Bike Index assistance

Phillip Bike recovered 10.16.2016
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