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Atim, the Saint of Oakland, bought it from guy fencing it on San Pablo for $40, hunted me down online, found me on Bike Index, returned the bike, and refused a reward until I forced him to accept one. This all happened about one week after the theft. Atim, if everyone were like you, we'd be living on a higher plane...


Bike recovered 03.27.2015

Police Officer found it dumped in a ditch, I got it back thanks to Bike Index!


Bike recovered 03.24.2015

A super awesome person noticed someone with a poorly fitting bike left unlocked. She confirmed it matched the description and serial on Bike Index, the police took my bike for safekeeping. I wouldn't have gotten my bike back without you! You guys rock!


Bike recovered 03.20.2015

Portland Police Officer Ross Scott saw the listing in Bike Index, saw thief with bike, recovered the bike and returned the bike to me!


Bike recovered 03.17.2015

A Bike Index user contacted me and delivered it to me safe and (mostly) sound - he wouldn't accept a reward, he was just happy to be able to reunite me with my bike :')


Bike recovered 03.17.2015

Portland Police officer saw the note about the bike being a tri-training bike on the Bike Index, pulled the thief and bike a couple hours later.


Bike recovered 03.16.2015

My bike was abandoned in an alley. The people who found it looked it up on Bike Index - I got my bike back less than two weeks after it was stolen!


Bike recovered 03.13.2015

A little more than three months after it was stolen I received an email from an eagle-eyed Bike Index user with a link to a craigslist ad. Police set up a sting and recovered my bike, another stolen bike, and the guy selling them is a suspect in a local goat theft.


Bike recovered 03.04.2015

The odds of recovering my bike 8 months later, in town, and in one piece had to be really slight. I wouldn't have it without the Bike Index.


Bike recovered 02.25.2015

A homeless man found it abandoned, brought it to The Bicycle Repair Shop and asked if they could find out if it was a stolen bike. They found it on BikeIndex and called me up. That evening I got the bike back mostly intact -- thanks!

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