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Gentleman purchased the bike from the street and brought it into Huckleberry Bicycles. They recognized it from and called me in. I was able to recover this bicycle that was gifted to me from my wife as a wedding present.

Liberty Bike recovered 09.01.2015

I was told by a used bike shop when calling around after my bike was stolen to register with you. Local police checked the Index and I recovered my bike within 13 hours. Thank you guys so so much I love you!!! I'll be telling all my friends to register with Bike Index!

Schuyler Bike recovered 08.30.2015

Thank you, Bike Index! A Bike Index user contacted me because they'd seen my green Gunnar, twice, in Columbia Heights and had called the police both times. The police did nothing. Last night I went to Columbia Heights myself and found some guys trying to sell my bike on Fourteenth street. I went into a nearby pharmacy to call 911 and coincidentally, a police officer entered the store while I was calling. Accompanied by the officer I found the guys with my bike and took it back from them.

Steve Bike recovered 08.19.2015

Recovered by the Clackamas Bike Gallery and returned to the owner. Thanks Bike Index!

Josh Bike recovered 08.05.2015

The thief was belligerently drunk and threw it into a garden. The person who found it knew to look here and saw it listed! Thanks Bike Index--You guys rock!

Alexa Bike recovered 07.27.2015

Portland Police recovered my bike and contacted me because my bike was registered on bike index.

Russell Bike recovered 07.22.2015

Pawn shop identified the bike and notified me through Bike Index. I got my Bike back!

Jennifer Bike recovered 07.15.2015

Recovered by Portland Police, and returned thanks to Bike Index—even though it was spray painted by thieves. Bike Theft Task Force tweeted about it!

David Bike recovered 07.09.2015

Two people thought it looked out of place with the guy who had it, they confronted him, called the police, checked the serial number, matched it to my post on Bike Index and called me on my cell. I showed up a few minutes later and the cops matched it with my police report.

Ira Bike recovered 07.02.2015

Police contacted me, it had been recovered at the Community Cycling Center on Alberta.

Randy Bike recovered 07.01.2015

Help us fight bicycle theft—register your bike.

The Bike Index makes stolen bikes harder to sell and easier to recover by making sure important information about your bike is there when you need it the most.

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We keep all the important information about your bike in one place so it's there when you need it the most.



We help used bike sellers and buyers by providing an easy way to verify that a bicycle isn’t stolen.



Bike Index is a free service for bike shops and individuals.

How it works

It's simple: we offer an easy and efficient way to store and update important identifying information about your bike.

In the unfortunate event that your bike is stolen, you can harness the power of our network to help get it back. Registering with Bike Index ensures that law enforcement, bike shops, individuals, and everyone in between has the information they need to help reunite you with your bike.

Bike Index is the most widely used bicycle registration service in the world. We strive to be the best resource in the fight against bicycle theft.

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