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Found by Portland Police Bike Theft Task force officers, ID'd via the Bike Index.

Christine Bike recovered 07.20.2017

Back Alley Bike Repair saw this bike in Bike Index and called me!

Josh Bike recovered 07.20.2017

Someone contacted me through Bike index and returned it to me!

Jeremy Bike recovered 07.18.2017

I never thought that registering my stolen bike on the Bike Index would help me get it back, but it did! I registered my bike after it was stolen from my back yard, and a few weeks later, I had given up hope and was about to begin the process of purchasing a new bike. I got a message from someone on the Bike Index saying they "should have known better" but bought my bike off of someone on the street, and after checking the index, realized it was stolen. They just wanted to get it back to the rightful owner. I'm so grateful for their kindness, and so happy to have my bike back!

Claire Bike recovered 07.17.2017

Bike was purchased on pinkbike, buyer realized it was stolen after checking the Bike Index.

Brett Bike recovered 07.13.2017

Bike was purchased on pinkbike, buyer realized it was stolen after checking the Bike Index.

Brett Bike recovered 07.13.2017

Found by Stolen Bikes Nola via the Bike Index.

Stolen Bikes NOLA Bike recovered 07.13.2017

A wonderful neighbor spotted the posting about this bike. He then saw another neighbor with the bike and was able to buy it back and then get in touch with us through this the Bike Index.

Chelsi Bike recovered 07.13.2017

Was contacted that my bike was listed on Craigslist under the lost and found category with the title, "I stole your bike and want to return it". Strangely enough, I met up with the bike thief and was given back my bike. Would have never found it on craigslist if I didn't get a call from someone saying they saw my bike and found the listing on the Bike Index.

Geoffrey Bike recovered 07.10.2017

This story is definitely worth sharing. So I parked my bike outside Helium comedy club on a Sunday night around 6:15pm and found it stolen around 9pm. I was very surprised as it was still broad daylight and I used a good u-lock. Per the police officer who informed me it was found, around 3-3:30am some sketchy people were seen with my bike around SE 16th and Oak. Two good Samaritans were just getting off work and saw that this was a strange scene: sketchy people with a really nice bike. Somehow they were able to get the bike back from them! Ironically, it was the sketchy people actually called the police saying they stole it from them. The officers interviewed the people, found my bike registered with Bike Index and subsequently found the police report about it being stolen. The sketchy person was apparently a heavy set woman in her 60's who said someone sold it to her as her daughter's graduation gift but when pressed for details by the officers she couldn't keep her story very straight. Once the police officers figured out the whole situation the sketchy people down the street had already ran away. Can you believe this? This is the 2nd bike that was stolen from me in the past 6 months. This story is a hard to believe but I'm so very grateful for these two Samaritans and, of course, the Bike Index! Wow!

Vivian Bike recovered 07.10.2017
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