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The king county sheriff found it, and then identified it on the Bike Index!

Drew Bike recovered 11.25.2015

HOLY CRAP! Thanks to BikeIndex and the Seattle PD, I got my bike back! AMAZING! THANK YOU!

Casey Bike recovered 11.25.2015

A guy found the bike 20 miles from where it was stolen, emailed into this website, confirmed the serial number and I met him. Gave him a $50 reward. Thank you for hosting this incredible service Bike Index!!!

Aaron Bike recovered 11.25.2015

My girlfriend found the thief/seller on Craigslist and arranged to meet him to buy the bike for $200. I used the Bike Index to warn local shops that the thief was trying to sell it locally, so he was forced to sell it back to us via the internet at a very reduced price.

Gabriel Bike recovered 11.23.2015

King County Deputy Robert Nix recovered it the same evening and put it into evident storage, found my Bike Index listing. Kudos to the fantastic police work and the outstanding service this website has become! Donations are well deserved to keep this website going.

Ron Bike recovered 11.22.2015

Not to be over exuberant or anything, but I'm ecstatic. A guy named Sam called last night, said he was working with the police and he was almost certain this was my bike. I took the bus down to the Seattle Police Southwest Precinct this afternoon, and low and behold, there it was. Almost 2 months later. Thank you so much, Bike Index.

Sam Bike recovered 11.20.2015

We advised owner who found it on Craigslist how to get it back.

Charles Bike recovered 11.19.2015

A woman took this bicycle for a test ride and checked here first. She didn't buy the bike, but took a photo of the seller's license plate. The Berkeley police went to the seller's house and reclaimed the bike!

Michelle Bike recovered 11.19.2015

Somebody saw this post and then saw the bike and called the police.

Justin Bike recovered 11.18.2015

SPD officer found this in a derelict house, ran it by us, we ID'd it, and its back with the owner.

Tamra Bike recovered 11.17.2015

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