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Bought it back from another person who bought it and it found it on the Bike Index.

Robert Bike recovered 02.08.2016

With the help of you and the Portland Police! It's a little worse for wear and tear but we have it back. The bike was recovered on Sunday 1/31/16. You all are awesome!

Craig Bike recovered 02.01.2016

Somebody noticed it was getting stolen piece by piece in front of there place, cut the lock and took it before it was completely stolen. They looked up the bike on bike index and got in touch with me. I got back the frame and a lot of components.

Mac Bike recovered 01.31.2016

Mechanics at Huckleberry bike shop in SF found the serial number on the bike index and got in touch. Thank you Brian & bike index!

Piper Bike recovered 01.25.2016

Englewood PD recovered it and returned it to me after finding it on Bike Index! A little scratch on the fork but that's it!

Colin Bike recovered 01.23.2016

Crazy! My cycling buddy of 20 years was at the intersection of 2nd & Pike one hour ago waiting to cross; up pulled a gal on MY BIKE. He recognized it immediately, knew it was stolen, said "hey, that is not your bike, that is a stolen bike". He took it from her and took it home where I will go get it later. She claims she had no idea it was stolen. They took gauze and wrapped it over my name painted on my bike and the Davidson logo. Miracles happen. So extra awesome that it was my friend who was the hero!

Jan Bike recovered 01.19.2016

Found by a local, ID'd in the index, awesome PPb instagram on this one.

Bike Index Bike recovered 01.17.2016

Thanks to an incredibly wonderful lady named Ashley who checked this registry when she saw a Yuba for sale too cheaply, and the Portland police department, we found the bike being sold on OfferUp, met him with the police, and got it back. The man (White-Eagle on OfferUp) had a warrant out and was arrested.

Heather Bike recovered 01.17.2016

Pete called me this morning after he found my bikes photo on bikeindex. He works at a downtown Seattle hotel that ends up with quite a few stolen bikes in the lost and found. He thought mine looked likely stolen so he took the time to try to find me. The Seattle police website pointed him to this site. Thanks!!

Scott Bike recovered 01.17.2016

Big thank you to Montlake Terrace PD & who looked it up on BikeIndex and called me right away. Thank you Bikeindex!!

Cameron Bike recovered 01.14.2016

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