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Recovered thanks to Bike Index.

Keegan Bike recovered 05.03.2016

A guy bought it at the San Jose flea market for a great deal. He looked it up on Bike Index and found me, although the serial number had been covered up, and some parts replaced. I paid him back for it, and it's nice to have my bike home.

Anna Bike recovered 05.01.2016

Gresham Bicycle Center had it brought in for repairs, thanks Bike Index.

Samantha Bike recovered 04.30.2016

My bike was discovered by Trader Joe's employee nearby the location it was stolen. It was stashed outside the store with the front tire removed and locked to the back (with my same U-Lock!). The employee thought it looked suspicious because it was not locked to a bike rack, so he checked the Bike Index for a match, gave me a call, and the rest is history.

Kevin Bike recovered 04.27.2016

An amazing tipster sent me the Craigslist ad. I made an appointment to test ride and sent my husband with his buddy to take it back.

Sarah Bike recovered 04.26.2016

A man purchased my bike from the San Jose flea market for his girlfriend. He believed the deal he got was too good to be true, so he looked up Stolen Giant Invite and my Bike Index post came up. He called me up to tell me the good news! Thanks, Bike Index!!!

Renee Bike recovered 04.24.2016

Bike located by honest citizen and returned to me. Thanks, Bike Index!

Baboone Bike recovered 04.24.2016

Person that took it responded and delivered. Thought bike was trash since I hid it in the dumpster bay while at work. I forgot my keys. Thanks, Bike Index, for helping the finder get in touch with me.

Marcus Bike recovered 04.24.2016

A good samaritan, just moved to New Orleans and purchased bike but was not comfortable with the seller or sale so she searched for the bike on Bike Index and contacted Stolen Bikes Nola to find the owner.

Stolen Bikes NOLA Bike recovered 04.22.2016

Someone on Bike Index emailed me via my contact info listed here. Success!

Jeremy Bike recovered 04.22.2016

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