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Awesome work by the Bike Index and Officer Sanders of PPB. Someone found the bike on OfferUp , contacted PPB and Ofc Sanders arranged to meet the seller. The bike is worse for the wear but definitely salvageable. Kudos to all.

Jay Bike recovered 2.13.2018

I was told by a local bike shop to record serial numbers and take pics and upload to the bike index. The Bike Index allowed me to go to the local police and report my stolen bike with great accuracy. 2 days later, I received a call from authorities saying that they found my bike.

Sarah Bike recovered 2.10.2018

Portland police department found my bike and ran the serial number through the Bike Index. I was contacted right away (thanks Ben) and picked it up the following day.

Adrian Bike recovered 2.10.2018

SFPD officer Andrew Johnson recognized the bike from seeing it on the Bike Index!

Chris Bike recovered 2. 8.2018

A gentleman, Andy, who bought it recently realized it was stolen once he checked in on the Bike Index! Absolutely amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Elle Bike recovered 2. 5.2018

Spotted by a fellow PDX cyclist for sale in a local pawn shop. A serial snafu meant the bike didn't show up as stolen, but the spotter ID'd it in the Bike Index and notified the owner, who came and picked it up. This is 2 of 2 bikes this owner had stolen - both recovered via Bike Index.

Gary Bike recovered 2. 1.2018

I followed all the steps you guys mentioned me to do! Someone actually saw my post "Stolen" post from Craigslist and send me a link to a bike that looked like mine being sold in OfferUp.com. Thanks Bike Index!

Katie Bike recovered 1.30.2018

King County Sheriff Deputy saw someone riding a bike he recognized from the Bike Index, pulled the person over, got the bike, and called me! Apparently this officer "always checks the Bike Index."

Michael Bike recovered 1.24.2018

A person familiar with the Bike Index and another similar site searched both after finding my bike. They emailed me and then called me to arrange a time and place to return my bike.

Charles Bike recovered 1.19.2018

A fellow cyclist bought the bike from OfferUp.com and then later found the posting on Bike Index that it had been stolen. He contacted the Bike Index and the Portland Police who notified me. I am so happy to have it returned!

Bryan Bike recovered 1.19.2018

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