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A fellow biker found it locked outside their apartment. It looked suspicious, so he looked it up on Bike Index. I met up and got it back :) A lot of my parts are missing, but I'm so glad to have it back.

Lexi Bike recovered 03.23.2017

It was brought back to the building where I live (on the patio of one of the first floor units).

Jeremy Bike recovered 03.22.2017

My stolen bike was taken in to a local bike shop for maintenance and was recovered as it was registered on Bike Index. Thank you so much for providing this service and for collaborative effort with Cycle Portland.

Pattric Bike recovered 03.11.2017

Spotted it unlocked in front of bar after Twitter tip.

Charlie Cargo Bike (Front Storage) recovered 03.09.2017

It was picked up by the Portland Police Bike Theft Task Force!

Derek Bike recovered 03.08.2017

Jade from this website saw my bike and called the police for me! They confiscated it and called me from my police report! Amazing people all around! I will be downloading Twitter specifically to help with locating bikes!

Kaili Bike recovered 03.04.2017

An officer found it at a pawn shop. Thank you!!!!

Sara Bike recovered 03.02.2017

Good samaritan notified me he bought the bike on Offer Up app. He looked it up on the Bike Index and contacted me. The bike was returned.

Nader Bike recovered 02.27.2017

A guy purchased the bike off Craigslist but was told by his friend to check the Bike Index. He was honest enough to call me to return it.

Almie Bike recovered 02.24.2017

Portland Police Officer found the frame in a homeless camp. So thankful to get it back!!

Patrick Bike recovered 02.21.2017
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