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The thief who stole my bike sold it to a guy who saw my listing on Bike Index!! He called me and I went to pick up my bike. I'm overjoyed! So happy to be reunited with my bike!

Silvie Bike recovered 01.15.2017

The thief who stole my bike sold it to a guy who saw my listing on Bike Index!! He called me and I went to pick up my bike. I'm overjoyed! So happy to be reunited with my bike!

Silvie Bike recovered 01.15.2017

Someone found my bike! He contacted me through this website. I picked it up from SPD today! Thanks.

George Bike recovered 01.10.2017

Thanks to Bike Index, over a year after my bike was stolen I got it back! Last week out of the blue I got a text from a stranger (who got my phone # from my Bike Index listing) saying that: "HI! I have good news! I have your missing Kona bike. :) It was stashed behind my car last year on 11th and Republican. I searched online last summer and posted some fliers when I found it but nothing came up. It had been sitting in a closet forgotten until we moved. Today I changed a key word in Google and it came up! Let me know when/where we can meet up so I can get this back to you!" I couldn't believe it! I met up with this fellow a few days ago, and had had my bike safe and sound, looking just how I last remembered it. When it was first stolen from my apartment's bike storage room, I didn't realize it had been stolen for weeks, so I probably didn't have it listed on Bike Index when he first found it. But thanks to him holding onto my bike and being determined to find me, by the time he searched again he found me thanks to my Bike Index listing being active and having a clear picture of my bike, an accurate description/make/model, and my contact info. I'm so thankful to Bike Index for providing this service. :)

Morgan Bike recovered 01.09.2017

Seattle Police found the bike while looking for another stolen bike and returned it.

Michael Bike recovered 01.08.2017

According to the police, the person they arrested for the theft said he had sold it to someone in a diner on Fifth Ave. at Ninth St. So I began passing that way on my way to and from work. This morning I saw my bike out front of Neergard Pharmacy, locked up. I called the precinct, who sent officers and later a support team to cut the lock.

Jamie Bike recovered 01.05.2017

Found returned dumped in nearby bushes on property. Other bike still stolen.

Eva Bike recovered 01.04.2017

Andrea, merchant in Portland, found it on her lot, abandoned by the thief. He later came back to claim it but his story made her suspicious and she started checking sites... found Bike Index... and sent us a message through you. We met her today and recovered the bike. Hooray Andrea! Hooray Bike Index!

Stephen Bike recovered 01.04.2017

Someone bought the bike, then thought it looked suspicious and checked online. He found the Bike Index listing, I was contacted, and the bike was returned!

Ryan Bike recovered 01.02.2017

Pawned in South Seattle but since I'd filed a police report, the detectives called me and I was able to get it back!

Alex Bike recovered 01.02.2017
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