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Co-workers found it today, locked to a parking meter, while they were on a walk today! Called the cops and they cut the lock for me.

Brian Bike recovered 09.26.2016

The police assisted me in finding this bike.

Bill Bike recovered 09.26.2016

A neighbor told the family who found my bike about Bike Index and they looked me up! My bike had made it all the way across town. It was such a good surprise and a good story.

Katie Bike recovered 09.25.2016

One of the Bike Index users found it, restored it, and returned it to me.

Elisha Bike recovered 09.24.2016

The Boston police asked me to set up a meeting with the seller. They went with me, verified the serial number, and returned my bicycle.

William Bike recovered 09.23.2016

The detective matched my bike on the Bike Index.

Chris Bike recovered 09.23.2016

Found bike on Offer Up. Coordinated a meet up with thief and cops.

Andrew Bike recovered 09.22.2016

Girlfriend found it on Craigslist and we brought the police by to help get it back! The guy had bought it from a pawn shop and had several other bikes that I will look up to see if those are missing as well.

Brian Bike recovered 09.22.2016

George at Bike Nuts in Lynnwood, WA bought from some thieves.

Tom Bike recovered 09.21.2016

Public Safety recognized the bike from video footage of the theft, and recovered two other bikes as well. Also got three thrill seekers in hot water. Thanks!

Jeff Bike recovered 09.21.2016
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