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Two people thought it looked out of place with the guy who had it, they confronted him, called the police, checked the serial number, matched it to my post on Bike Index and called me on my cell. I showed up a few minutes later and the cops matched it with my police report.

Ira Bike recovered 07.02.2015

Police contacted me, it had been recovered at the Community Cycling Center on Alberta.

Randy Bike recovered 07.01.2015

Some awesome guy named Matt found it abandoned near his apartment. He looked on the bike index and called me, and now I have it back!

Nathan Bike recovered 06.21.2015

My son's stolen bike is now recovered, through Bike Index. A good citizen saw it abandoned, checked the listings and got in touch.

Neil Bike recovered 06.14.2015

Someone bought it at a flea market, checked the serial, tracked me down through Bike Index and got it back to me - nearly three years after the theft!

Tommaso Bike recovered 06.11.2015

Someone bought it at a flea market, looked up the serial number, called me and returned the bike! Bike Index was familiar to the person as they had just had their bike stolen so thanks Bike Index, you worked!!!

Andy Bike recovered 06.09.2015

My bike was retrieved from a local flea market and reunited with me this past weekend through the Bike Index registration. Such joy to have this bike returned! It's got very high sentimental value, being a gift from and formerly ridden by my step father.

Mario Bike recovered 06.08.2015

A wonderful good samaritan bought my bike for $80 from a homeless person, checked Bike Index, found that it was stolen and contacted me! I'm so relieved, and so grateful to my neighbor and to Bike Index!

Kate Bike recovered 05.30.2015

King County Sheriff Sergeant Cindi West spotted the bike after looking at BikeIndex, a dude on 3rd and Pike had it. When asked, he said it was his bike, and he'd had it for several months. Cindi knew this was incorrect and took the bike. It's missing the computer components (Cadence and speed - both wireless) and my new bike lights... but it's back!

Bunny Bike recovered 05.27.2015

A man found my bike in an alleyway, looked up the serial number, found my stolen bike listing on and called me to tell me he would like to return my bike. 24 hours later I had my bike back with only some minor damage!

Adam Bike recovered 05.16.2015

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