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The odds of recovering my bike 8 months later, in town, and in one piece had to be really slight. I wouldn't have it without the Bike Index.



Bike recovered 02.25.2015

A homeless man found it abandoned, brought it to The Bicycle Repair Shop and asked if they could find out if it was a stolen bike. They found it on BikeIndex and called me up. That evening I got the bike back mostly intact -- thanks!



Bike recovered 02.09.2015

Seattle Police recovered the bike and then found my listing here on Bike Index.



Bike recovered 01.29.2015

The owner of Use It Again Thrift Store found my bike at the back of his store. He looked it up in Bike Index, found my number and called me. I went to his store and got the bike back!


Chung-yan hung

Bike recovered 01.26.2015

A Portland police officer spotted my bike downtown and thought it looked out-of-place in its surroundings. He ran it through the system and didn't find a matching serial number (because I had failed to record it), but he then found my report. The fenders and rack were taken, and it's got a few minor dings, but it's intact and running smoothly. WAHOO!

Someone saw a tweeker on the bike last night, 4 hours after it was stolen, and offered to buy the bike. The buyer found the listing on BikePortland Stolen Listing page, who then contacted me today.

Portland Police officer Susan Abrahamson recovered it from Fat Tire Farm because it was marked stolen on Bike Index



Bike recovered 01.21.2015

A police officer encountered a suspicious bike and ran the number - my bike!! All accessories were gone, and the finish had been decimated with steel wool, but I have already powdercoated it and am putting it back together. Bicyclists win!



Bike recovered 01.19.2015

Read The System Works, Mission Bicycle's explanation of how this bike was recovered!

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