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Stolen bicycles we helped recover recently:

Found thanks to Bike Index over a month after it was stolen! translated from English

Photo of recovered bike Grant Bike recovered 2021.3.5

I set up an alert on OfferUp, contacted the seller when the bike appeared, then had the police recover the bike at the meeting site. It was very very cool. Following the recovery suggestions on Bike Index was a huge help! translated from English

Photo of recovered bike Gabriel Bike recovered 2021.3.5

Edmonton Police found my bike. They checked Bike Index, saw that my bike fit the description, and gave me a call. Got my bike back 4 days after it was gone! translated from English

Photo of recovered bike Andrew Bike recovered 2021.3.4

A person found the bike by the alley next to his apartment building. He immediately called me once he saw the post on Bike Index. translated from English

Photo of recovered bike Ferchin Bike recovered 2021.3.3

Got a call from the police department a couple of days after marking it stolen and filing a report! It was super helpful for the officers to have the additional information from my Bike Index profile - photos, accessories, etc - to speed up the process of getting it back to me. translated from English

Photo of recovered bike Johannes Bike recovered 2021.3.2

But How Does it work?

Register your bike

Register Your Bike

It's simple. Submit your name, bike manufacturer, serial number, and component information to enter your bike into the most widely used bike registry on the planet.

Alert the community

Alert the Community

If your bike goes missing, mark it as lost or stolen to notify the entire Bike Index community and its partners.

The community responds

The community responds

A user or partner encounters your bike, uses Bike Index to identify it, and contacts you.

Recover your bike

You Get your Bike Back

With the help of the Bike Index community and its partners, you have the information necessary to recover your lost or stolen bike at no cost to you. It's what we do.

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