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Recovered by CCSO - ID'd in the Bike Index, found owners new email address, and got confirmation she got it back.

Lindsey Bike recovered 05.22.2017

A second hand bike shop contacted me that they had a bike that looked similar to the one I had listed on the Bike Index. It was mine!

Margarita Bike recovered 05.21.2017

The Police found someone with it in the U-District and ID'd it using the Bike Index. They brought it back to my door! Huge shout out to UWPD!

Kyle Bike recovered 05.14.2017

A stranger named Zoe saw my bike on the street and thought it looked stolen. She haggled with the guy who had it and bought it from him for not much money. She looked up the bike on the Bike Index and found me!!! I'm thrilled. It's been chopped apart a bit but nothing I can't fix.

Rebecca Bike recovered 05.10.2017

A kind hearted eBay user found the bike for sale online, did their homework and suspected it was a match with my listing on the Bike Index, though couldn't confirm the serial number as it wan't in the eBay listing. They alerted me and provided the listing # so I could follow up with the seller. The bike was being sold with a $200 shipping fee out of Baltimore, MD (where I live and where it was stolen from). I messaged the seller and arranged a meeting to see the bike, and brought proof of ownership (receipt from original purchase) and the Bike Index stolen bike listing. The serial number was a match! They told me they had purchased the bike on Craigslist 2 years prior (shortly after it was stolen), for $200, and they were sad but understanding that their purchase of the stolen bike was not a legal transfer of ownership... they gave it back to me and we exchanged info, in the event they're able to track down the person who sold it to them, who we suspect is or is connected to the thief. Aside from a few scratches and a tear in the seat, the bike is still in great condition. After 2 years apart, it feels so good to be reunited!!!

Timothy Bike recovered 05.09.2017

A kind soul found it on craigslist and went out of his way to return it to me when he saw my stolen bike report. I'm so appreciative!

Garrett Bike recovered 05.08.2017

Spotted by a friendly messenger who saw my posting here on the Bike Index.

Liam Bike recovered 05.05.2017

It was first sold on offer up and then resold on eBay. The buyer on eBay googled the serial number and saw it on here as stolen, reached out to me, filed a claim with PayPal, got their money back and returned my bike via shipping. If it wasn't for being posted on Bike Index I wouldn't have gotten 1 lead much less 2. So grateful!

Kimberly Bike recovered 05.03.2017

The Chicago Police Department recovered it from a local pawn shop. I picked it up on May 1 from the precinct.

Evan\ Bike recovered 05.02.2017

Clackamas County Sherrifs office found this at a pawn shop in Clackamas county. Thanks guys!! I love when a stolen bike gets reunited with its owner!

Nate Bike recovered 05.02.2017
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