Register bikes for your customers

For completely free we provide you with the tools needed to automatically register each bike you sell in Bike Index through your POS. All it takes is a few minutes of setup, either with your Ascend or Lightspeed Retail account.

Build goodwill with your customers with a service you can offer at no cost. Recover a stolen bike, and you'll have a customer for life.

Join our network of shop partners. Sign up for a free Bike Index account for your shop here. Once you do this, link your account to your Lightspeed or register bikes in Bike Index through Ascend.

Use Lightspeed Retail?

Our official Lightspeed integration provides entirely automated registration for every bike you sell. All you have to do is make sure you input the serial number and take the customer's email.

Learn more or connect your Lightspeed account

Ascend Retail

Connect your Ascend account and your Bike Index shop account. Each night, Ascend will export the bikes you've sold, and we'll import them into Bike Index for your customers. Other than setup, you're done! Learn more about the Ascend integration here.

Mike @cyclepdxtours utilizes @bikeindex to recover a bike brought in for maintenance! We love to see this collaboration. Nice work Mike!

Don't use Ascend or Lightspeed POS? Ask us about printed materials.

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Trusted by bike shops everywhere

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Trusted by bike shops everywhere
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