Recover your citizen's bikes

You're the first one your citizens look to when their bikes are stolen. Access and search our international database to return your community's bikes to their rightful owners.

You have the authority to bring bikes back - that’s no small responsibility. That’s why we have tools - such as our integration with LeadsOnline and automated tweets of stolen bikes - to keep your community safe. Connect with local ambassadors and spotters to quickly confiscate and block sales of stolen bikes.

With over 1,276,400 registrations and 14,367 stolen bicycle recoveries, we know how to help.

Portland Patrol officer Baxter assists in another #biketheft recovery today in Old Town! Great looking out and using @bikeindexportland 👍

Put a lock on bike theft

Our extensive archive has helped officers recover bikes involved in criminal situations, from simple theft to chop shops, drug houses - even fencing rings and online black markets.

With 1,671 partnerships, Bike Index is the industry leader in bicycle registration. Join our network for free here, or ask us to put you in touch with an existing partner in law enforcement.

If you want to collaborate with other departments in your city to manage a registry, learn more about Bike Index for municipalities here.

Lt. Troy Dangerfield
Good Morning all. #SFPD recovers many stolen bikes, but we don't know who owns them. Register your bike @BikeIndex @SFPDBikeTheft

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