Mitigate the registration mess

No more index cards or excel sheets. Give your citizens the tools to register from a smartphone, in less than two minutes, and use these registrations to recover and return stolen bikes.

Bring together bike shops, schools, municipal departments, and law enforcement to register bikes in one system. Gone are the days of waiting for people to not come in to register their bikes, or wondering if that other department took care of it. Bike Index consolidates everything in one manageable place.

Bike Index
Great article from @Boiseweekly about the bike's ability to connect you to your surroundings, and how hard it can b…

Our community is your community

Bike Index is the community registration system of choice. We are the bike registration system of 1,671 organizations - communities in every corner of the world. Join the most widely used bike registration network in the world.

Engage your residents and recover their bikes, and they will love you forever.

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