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The thief was caught for having stolen property from a neighboring house on the same night my bike went missing. I contacted the police involved in the neighbor's case and learned they had my bike. I would not have learned about this had I not posted my Bike Index report on Facebook. translated from English

George Bike recovered 2020.9.20

The wonderful people at Bike Index somehow reached the right person at the right time and he noticed my bike on a rack, called me, and I came to pick it up!!! THANK YOU so very much!! translated from English

Deborah Bike recovered 2020.9.20

Someone saw the bike discarded in a bush. They checked Bike Index to see it was stolen and returned it to the bike shop where it was bought because there was a shop sticker on the bike. The bike shop contacted me to pick up. Although it does need some work I am so thankful to have the bike back! translated from English

Derrick Bike recovered 2020.9.20

I got a call from the Edmonton Police and they found my bike in Downtown Edmonton. They brought it to their HQ and asked for someone I knew to come get it. A family member picked it up, and we shipped it back to Newfoundland via Red Bike! translated from English

Bradley Bike recovered 2020.9.18

Calgary police recovered this bicycle! translated from English

Chris Bike recovered 2020.9.17

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Register your bike

Register Your Bike

It's simple. Submit your name, bike manufacturer, serial number, and component information to enter your bike into the most widely used bike registry on the planet.

Alert the community

Alert the Community

If your bike goes missing, mark it as lost or stolen to notify the entire Bike Index community and its partners.

The community responds

The community responds

A user or partner encounters your bike, uses Bike Index to identify it, and contacts you.

Recover your bike

You Get your Bike Back

With the help of the Bike Index community and its partners, you have the information necessary to recover your lost or stolen bike at no cost to you. It's what we do.

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