The City of Napa and Bike Index Team Up to Fight Bike Theft

The scenic Napa Valley hosts nearly 200 miles of bike trails that are both home and destination for cyclists in the region. Now Napa, California residents now have another tool to combat bike theft in the region: bike registration through Bike Index.

The City of Napa and the Napa County Bicycle Coalition have partnered with Bike Index to provide free bicycle registration to Napa residents. Together with the Napa Police Department, bicycles can now be reported and recovered more easily in the case of bike theft.

The tamper-resistant and weather-proof QR-coded bike stickers provided by Bike Index add another layer of theft deterrent and make it easier for local law enforcement to recover stolen bicycles and get them back to their rightful owners.

Napa residents can register their bikes through the Napa Police Department or add their already-registered bikes to the Napa Police Department’s database by following these instructions:

Bike Index is proud to partner with the City of Napa, which joins over 1,400 other partner organizations using the Bike Index registry to fight bike theft.

If you’re interested in bringing free bike registration to your city, police department, campus, bike shop, or organization, we’d love to meet with you. Reach out to for more information.