Thanks to Seattle Bike Blog - our newest stolen registration partner!

The Bike Index sends a huge shout-out to for becoming our newest partner in the fight against bike thieves!

Starting today, is running our popular Stolen Bikes plugin, which lets readers register their bikes with the Bike Index and easily search stolen bike listings from the Seattle Area.

Seattle Bike Blog screenshot

This move adds to the growing number of excellent regional blogs helping to combat bike theft in their area, including,, … and a few others still yet to be announced ;)

Tom Fucoloro has been writing and maintaining since 2010, and today he's the go-to guy for excellent coverage on biking and transport-related topics in the Seattle area. Tom's passion for storytelling is evident in stories such as One Too Many which covers Seattle rider Brandon Blake's recovery from his 2013 bike accident and resulting coma.

Tom's a tight writer with passion for both the stories he covers and the people in the Seattle bike community, and it shows. We're beyond happy to help Tom and his readers out with our stolen bike listings.

Tom Fucoloro

Little known fact: Tom has a very personal stake in the bike theft problem - back in 2012 Tom helped recover his friend's stolen bike from a Craigslist thief - and he almost got shanked with a screwdriver in the process. See: How I got my friend's stolen bike back for the whole crazy story.

We're happy to help Tom - and all Seattle riders - by tying into the Bike Index. :)

Thanks again Tom - and here's to recovering more stolen bikes!

-Bike Index