Privacy on Bike Index

Bike Index wants to be the best place to save and share your bike on the internet. For us, prioritizing user privacy and being transparent in our policies is a required part of that.

First, our goals:

- Protect our user's privacy and anonymity. - Publicly display all the bikes on the Index, but maintain the privacy of bike owners. - Make all sharing opt-in and offer users complete control over what they share and with whom they share it. - Give stolen bike owners the ability to publish information about their bikes, and provide reliable, quick contact information to people looking at stolen bikes. - Continue improving the Bike Index, make it easy to use and fun to browse while simultaneously protecting everyone's privacy.

With the recent discussion about privacy brought on by revelations about PRISM, it seemed like a good time to clarify the Bike Index's intentions.

We have re-written 1 our privacy policy and our terms and conditions in an effort to better connect them with our goals—However, most people don't read terms and conditions. So we had to come up with a better way of describing our intentions.

Terms of Service; Didn't Read (TOSDR) is an online resource that rates and labels website terms and privacy policies. We submitted our site to TOSDR, but they haven't evaluated it yet, so here is a review of our policies:

You don't grant any copyright license to Bike Index

You can sign up with a pseudonym

Changes can happen any time, sometimes without notice

We are transparent in complying with law enforcement requests.

Your account can be suspended and your data deleted any time for any reason

Your personal information is used for limited purposes

  1. Both our privacy policy and our terms of service are stored on github. Check them out there to read through the revision history.