Our Kickstarter launched! Boom! Let's get this thing started!

by Erin



Today might be Friday the 13th, but The Bike Index team is feeling pretty lucky today! As of this afternoon, The Bike Index Kickstarter campaign has officially launched, and we're already at $5,671 of our $50,000 goal on our first day! That's so fantastic, y'all. We're 10 percent funded! Thanks so much to our current 14 backers –you are amazing and we really appreciate your support.

And to everyone who hasn't donated yet—you still have 28 days left to show your support for a comprehensive bike registry that's fighting bike theft. With your help, we can eventually bring to bike shops and cyclists in the ten biggest biking cities in the U.S. We can't do it without you!

Right now we're typing away at our respective computers at the awesome NextSpace Coop in Chicago's River North neighborhood. They've been extremely welcoming, have great bike storage, and it's been a really cool, relaxed working environment. Thanks for letting us take over one of your conference rooms for the day, NextSpace!

So if you haven't yet, check out our Kickstarter page and make sure to share, share, share the link on social media! 28 days to go!

Bike Index launches Kickstarter