Call to Los Angeles bike shops

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LOS ANGELES, CA - Bike Index is attacking bike theft head-on in the Los Angeles area via a new, official partnership with LAPD. With the power of LAPD behind Bike Index, bike registration in LA is now more effective than ever. Citizens of LA can register their existing bikes for free at Bike Index also calls on bike shops in LA to register bikes using a point-of-sale integration with Bike Index.

Bike shop registration is a main driver in stolen bike recovery. Edmonton, Alberta, for instance, has registered over 50,000 bikes in the past 18 months with 39,000 of those registrations coming directly from bike shops. This has resulted in recovery rates over five times higher than this time last year.

Bike shops can register bikes automatically - and for free - using one of Bike Index's point-of-sale integrations with Lightspeed or Ascend retail. At the moment of sale, bikes will automatically register in Bike Index and be protected before they even leave the shop. The integrations take just a few minutes to set up, and run automatically in the background of each sale. The integrations are privacy-centric and require no maintenance.

Bike shops can offer registration with LAPD as a legitimate protection for their customers. LAPD's official use of Bike Index dramatically increases the number of eyes looking out for stolen bicycles, supplementing Bike Index's core community recovery tools. This means that bike registration in LA goes farther and the chance of recovery is higher. Bike registration is the single most effective tool for returning stolen bikes to their owners.

LAPD will be able to search Los Angeles bike registrations while out in the field and immediately get in touch with registrants. In some cases, law enforcement has been able to return bikes before owners even know the bike is stolen.

Bike Index encourages LAPD bike shops to sign up on Bike Index at and link their POS system to register each bike they sell on Bike Index.