Bike Index's June 2016 bike recoveries

Hello! As you can imagine, June was busy - we've been doing all sorts of fun registration events in Seattle, Bend, and lighting up a steady stream of new Bike Index partners. Summer = busy!

So this update is a little late in the coming, but it is just as awesome as ever.

In this month's edition, we have:

  • Our first stolen bike recovery in Australia!
  • An stolen bike chase in Portland conducted partially via Twitter
  • Not one, but *two* Lynskey's recovered this month thanks to the Bike Index
  • The usual Offerup and Craigslist grind

As always - I have a favor to ask:

1) Please tell your local bike shop about the Bike Index! We're getting great recoveries thanks to our bike shop partners - and we could always use more.

2) Haven't registered your bikes yet? What are you waiting for? Please register ASAP, and tell your friends.

Thanks everybody! Keep your bikes safe!


... found it for sale on Craigslist and the police department met up with the seller. Thanks for your help!
2016 Schwinn 700c Women's Admiral - Recovered: 6/2/2016
Metro Sheriffs recovered the bike in downtown Seattle and returned it to me! I think they saw it on Bike Index before the police report, one of the cops mentioned Bike Index, and a local pawn shop employee also said he saw my bike on Bike Index when I went in to ask around and give him a photo of my bike.
1991 Cannondale - Recovered: 6/2/2016
Vancouver Police recovered it - We were thrilled to get it back!
2011 Cannondale Caad10 - Recovered: 6/3/2016
(Recovered in SF) This is what you would call a success story - My bike is sitting about 10ft away from me in almost better condition than when I left it... I don't know how it all worked out though... it seems like the bike was in storage for almost a year.
2013 Salsa Vaya 2 - Recovered: 6/3/2016
Found at Laney (notorious Oakland stolen bike flea market) by 3rd party who connected it to serial on!
Giant Escape 2 - Recovered: 6/7/2016
Randall remembered my post, saw someone pushing it along a street and used the Bike Index post to convince the person to give him the bike. He than contacted me and I picked it up. Thank you Randall D. and Bike Index! (Bike Index note: Yes, Randall is the same kick-ass SF messenger you may remember from this recovery last month)
2011 Surly Troll - Recovered: 6/8/2016
Recovered by Stolen Bikes NOLA crew :) (Bike Index note - if you haven't checked out the Stolen Bikes Nola guys yet, you should.)
2013 Marin Bikes San Rafael - Recovered: 6/8/2016
Milwaukie Police Dept Officer called me about his investigation of car theft - thief was arrested by stealing a car. Then officers found my bike in the car.
2014 GT Bicycles Karakoram - Recovered: 6/10/2016
Took the PDF to the police. I found where the bike was located and we went to pick it up.
1981 Schwinn World Tourist - Recovered: 6/10/2016
Finder: HEY! I FOUND THINE BICYCLE!! WHOOO! (Bike Index note: thanks for not throwing a "m'lady" in there)
2007 TREK 7200 - Recovered: 6/11/2016
We talked it through and figured out it was my bike! We got the cops involved and my bike was returned to me by the end of the day. Thanks for enabling this to happen!
Asprille AR 6000 - Recovered: 6/11/2016
SFPD contacted me that they had recovered it - got the message via Bike Index
2014 Cannondale 700 M - Recovered: 6/12/2016
Received text from person with picture of bike and location because of Bike Index. Went to location and bike was there. Called police and they came and got some other bikes too.
Shogun 1000 - Recovered: 6/13/2016
(Bike Index note - this is our first recovery in Australia!) 'Hi I found your bike. All the specs match - Cash converters, Pascoevale road Glenroy. I hope you get it back! Cheers'
2015 Bombtrack Hook 1 - Recovered: 6/14/2016
(Hat tip to you-know-who, from the Bike Index) "A Good Samaritan saw it on a *YEAR* later, texted me and emailed me notifying me when he went and got it."
2014 Cannondale Synapse 6 Tiagra - Recovered: 6/14/2016
Local pawn shop looked up serial number on Bike Index and contacted me. So awesome!!
2013 Scott Metrix - Recovered: 6/14/2016
Someone tried to sell it at Capital Loans Pawn, who ran the serial through Bike Index and it matched mine - they held on to it while the person that brought it in dashed out the store.
2015 Specialized Sirrus Sport Disc - Recovered: 6/17/2016
According to the person who returned it, he was approached by someone in a parking lot who offerred to sell him the bike. He ended up buying it ... then searched it online and found that it was stolen. He then contacted me to pick it up. Big thank you to Bike Index. Thank you very much.
2014 Scott Solace 30 - Recovered: 6/18/2016
Person who had bike discovered it was stolen via Bike Index and then contacted me and returned it.
2006 Rodriguez Arrow Sport - Recovered: 6/22/2016
Been in the bike industry for many years ... and pumped up on your service. Lynskey Urbano is a new model - only 100 have been made and mine has a graphic package that is a one off ... After a nice ride, locked it to my Thule rear rack and parked at the busy Fred Meyer parking lot in Lake City Way in Seattle. Walked out to see the empty Thule rack - you know the whole body "ugghh" that overwhelms you... On 6/18/16 got a call from local bike shop that my bike was in their possession! A person who keeps their eye on Bike Index saw two dudes talking on the side of a bike trail and one of them had my rig. (They) struck up a conversation and after negotiating bought it from them ... walked it into a local shop - Call placed to me and yea haw! Went to the police to close out the file and they are using this info to hopefully see if it leads them to some current suspects under suspicion. Now the Urbano is getting a full overhaul after a very good scrub down to remove the "baddies" residue. So thank you Bike Index for providing a service that is very much needed and really does make bikes find their way back home!
2016 LYNSKEY URBANO - Recovered: 6/23/2016
Bike Index: this Lynskey R265was spotted shortly after being stolen. An alert rider snapped a photo of these fine upstanding gentlemen who had it in their possession, and a brief manhunt ensued over Twitter. They got away. Days later, it was spotted again in a local homeless camp, and chased down with the assistance of Portland PD. From the owner: "the responding officer verified the serial number, and they were also on the verge of arresting one of the homeless campers... " etc. Long story short: Don't steal bikes, bro.
2015 LYNSKEY R265 - Recovered: 6/24/2016
Stolen from former D.C. Council member Tommy Wells, this little Green Brompton got a lot of press when it was stolen... so when it showed up for sale days later (in front of a liquor store) the buyer swooped in and reunited owner with the bike. Props to Washington Post for covering this!
2015 BROMPTON BICYCLE H6R + SON DYNAMO - Recovered: 6/26/2016
"I accidentally bought your bike from a guy on OfferUp tonight. I just wanted to contact you right away as I am upset and want to start resolving this. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. He is still selling a bunch of other stuff, so I already reported his profile on the website. Is there anything else I can do to put more pressure on OfferUp to take action? I hate that I fell into this scheme and propagated their operation, and want to amend the situation the best I can." Owner and buyer connected, bike recovered.
2014 Kona Dew Plus - Recovered: 6/28/2016

… and that's it for June!

We have some crazy exciting announcements coming up in July, so keep an eye out for some major announcements. :)