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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. Initially, the CMS was developed only for small, one-page blogs. However, over time, capabilities have expanded, so now you can create a full-fledged, multi-functional web resource based on WordPress. The CMS has an open source code, which is written in PHP. The main advantages of WordPress WordPress - this is the most convenient CMS to create your own website, blog, news portal. The main advantage of this platform - free version with full, advanced functionality and all the features for full functionality. With the help of special plug-ins can expand the capabilities of WordPress. Plugins allow you to edit the template, adjust the markup of pages, display news, social media block, widgets, etc. Most of the additional extensions are free. To download and install the desired plugin, the user can simply use the convenient search engine, which is built into WordPress, in the control panel. The main advantages of CMS Wordpress: the most convenient, simple and functional admin panel (it will take no more than 2-3 hours to master); a huge number of free templates; constant updates and additions (free); availability of the Gutenberg editor; well-developed user community and appropriate knowledge base; the ability to download additional extensions; the ability to modify the template code. WordPress - a totally free platform, it is thanks to this factor, it has found such a great success and popularity in many countries around the world. With the help of this platform, you can easily run a personal blog, news site, and even video hosting with open access. Site on Wordpress pros and cons will largely depend on the desired results, which the administrator wants to get from a completely free CMS. You can add content with the help of a visual editor. By adjusting the source code in the template files, the site administrator can change the style, format and structure of the site. For the design of SEO texts, you will need to additionally install free plugins. With WordPress, additional extensions and some skills, the functionality of the CMS will be enough to create, maintain and further operation of a full-fledged online store. Another advantage is that the CMS is not labor-intensive, so it is easy to install on any standard hosting with basic settings. For a website based on WordPress suitable even the cheapest hosting. Wordpress disadvantages Despite all the advantages of the CMS Wordpress, this platform has a number of certain disadvantages. Wordpress disadvantages: duplication of pages and images; A large number of extensions and themes with bugs; a limited set of basic features; decreased performance of the web page (because of the large number of installed plug-ins); no official customer support; vulnerability to hacker attacks, hacking.


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