Spoke cards

Spokecards are cards placed in the spokes of a bicycle wheel. They are held in place by overlapping spokes. Bike Index spokecard, showin off

Bike Index spoke cards

Bike Index spoke cards have a QR code that links to a specific bike registration on the Index. You can read the QR code with a free app on your iOS or Andriod device. When you scan the qr code it will go to your bike's page on the Bike Index!

If you were sent a spoke card by the Bike Index, it may not be linked to your bike. When you scan the card you will get sent to a page that asks for your email.

Making your own

So you wanna have your own wicked cool spoke card?


You can see a spoke card page by adding /spokecard to the end of a bike's URL on the Bike Index.

(If you logged in we would put links to all the spoke card pages here)