Bike Index holiday contest alert!

by Erin



Contest alert!

In the spirit of making the remaining "shopping days" before Christmas a little less stressful for you guys, we're kicking off a holiday contest today.

To enter, all you have to do is share a link to your registered bike on the Bike Index on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #DoRightByYourBike. Make sure to tag us too (@Bike Index) so we can find your entry!

Everyone who registers their bike will receive some awesome Bike Index stickers in the mail (so everyone wins!) and one lucky person will win a snazzy blue Bike Index t-shirt in a random drawing the day after Christmas.

Bike Index shirt and stickers

It's super easy for folks who have already registered bikes with us: just share the link to your bike on social media, and bam, you're done, we send you stickers and enter your name in the shirt raffle. If your bike isn't on the Index yet, register it at Bike and upload a photo. It only takes a few minutes, tops. Tweet or send us an email at contact@Bike if you have any questions about the process.

A sample tweet or Facebook post would look something like this: "I just registered my bike on the @Bike Index! Check out my [Erin's] ride here: #DoRightByYourBike"

You can only enter once, but if you post about multiple bikes we'll be sure to send you some extra stickers. Promise.

So get to work! Start posting, registering, and uploading those photos. Deadline is Christmas Day at midnight CST.