Bike Index and VerifiR partnering to protect bikes with state-of- the art technology

Bike Index and VerifiR® have announced a partnership to share their advanced technologies in the fight against bike theft.

VerifiR’s groundbreaking security tags let anyone with a smart phone quickly ‘scan’ a bike to check origin and verify ownership. Once molded into a bike’s frame or concealed under paint during manufacture, VerifiR’s technology is nearly impossible to remove or deface and much easier to scan than a traditional bicycle serial number.

Bike Index - the world’s largest and most successful bike registration and recovery system - will add VerifiR-protected bikes into its database of over 116,000 bicycles when the purchaser of a participating brand registers the bike through a scan. Stolen bikes embedded with VerifiR tags will also cross-list into the Bike Index upon theft, making the bike’s information immediately available to the thousands of partners who identify and recover stolen bikes every day.

“Bike Index is the best resource for protecting bikes and for checking a bike’s provenance,” said Bike Index cofounder Bryan Hance. “We’re the go-to service for checking a bike’s serial number, and we are elated to support VerifiR in the market because this kind of embedded technology is something our users have been asking us about for years.”

“VerifiR lets anyone with a phone verify a bike’s ownership in just a few seconds, and we’re happy to know Bike Index is going to be powering those search results,” said Hance.

“Some of the leading bicycle brands are already adding VerifiR modules to their frames or are working on adding them to new models,” said VerifiR CEO Jurgen Schmerler. “We are excited to get the VerifiR technology into bike frames across the US and worldwide and to protect bicyclists by joining forces with Bike Index.”

“VerifiR has the unique capability to unambiguously prove the authenticity and ownership of a product to the consumer,” said Schmerler. “Bicycles are protected through our integrated chipsets. These can’t be removed without destroying the bike. And VerifiR ensures that only the authentic owner of the bike has access to the bike’s data.”

About Bike Index: Bike Index is the nation’s largest and most successful bike registration and recovery network. With over 116,000 catalogued bikes and over 370 partners in law enforcement, bike organizations, pawn shops and retail bike shops, the Bike Index database powers daily bike recoveries across the nation.

With free, web-based tools designed to offer efficient registration, recovery, and anti-theft services, Bike Index has proven more effective than any service of its kind, aiding over 3,600 confirmed recoveries to date

Bike Index is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. For more information on Bike Index and how to donate, please visit our About Page or email

About VerifiR: VerifiR offers the first secure, user-friendly solution to global brands’ concerns about authenticity and ownership. From sports equipment to luxury items, VerifiR gives customers innovative tools to authenticate and protect their brand purchases with a touch of their cell phones. All data is processed on highly secure cloud data servers and VerifiR users don’t even need to install an app.

VerifiR’s modern tracking technology and cloud-based analytics offer brand customers easy warranty registration, product support, theft prevention, and upgrades. VerifiR’s technology works in the biking, golf, sports apparel, and other industries scaling to millions of products.

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