Add another layer of protection to your bike with Velosurance

If you've owned a bike, chances are it's been thrashed, stolen, or crashed. Bikes are meant to be ridden outside, but that comes with the inherent risk of theft or damage. And while Bike Index can help you search for your bike if it's stolen, sometimes you lose your ride due to damage or an accident. That's why we're partnering with Velosurance, a bike insurance company that goes a long way in helping you fix damage to your bike and person.

Bike Index is all about bike-centric solutions. As riders, commuters, racers, and general bike fans ourselves, we know the value of bike-specific insurance for when your bike gets stolen, you crash, collide with someone else, get hurt, or even if you just bonk on the side of the road. Velosurance is much more than insurance for your physical bicycle - it's a resource to turn to when you and your bicycle get into trouble.

Bike Index and Velosurance are teaming up to provide Bike Index users comprehensive protection for when you can't get your bike back from a thief or for when you double flat on your evening commute in the middle of the winter. Here are a few of the reasons we think the partnership is a great fit:

  1. Velosurance has a network of bike shop partners. At Bike Index we know the value of a trustworthy local bike shop. Velosurance integrates into your local cycling landscape to work with mechanics across the country who will help you get the best estimate of damage and/or loss when you have an accident with your bike. When you're looking to file a claim, you can do so with local help, which means less time on the phone, and real, in-person help from a shop you already have a working relationship with. And if your shop isn't already partnered with Velosurance, you can still utilize their help for a Velosurance return.
  2.   broken fork  
  3. Comprehensive damage protection. We wouldn't ride if we didn't accept the risks, but mistakes and accidents happen, whether that's slipping on wet pavement or watching your bike bag smash onto the baggage claim. More than just for peace of mind, having protection when accidents happen means you'll be able to get back out sooner. Velosurance will not only cover the cost of damage to your bike in case of a wreck or mishap, but also the cost of apparel and other equipment that's damaged.
  4.   broken derailleur  
  5. Roadside assistance. You've got the dreaded double flat, the derailleur rip-off, the cable snap, the seatpost slip, and even the very rare unicorn of the crankset fall-off. Luckily, Velosurance can pick you and your bike up and bring you where you need to go within a 35-mile radius. You could even call Velosurance during a race if you flat out and your team car is nowhere to be found. (But we hope you'll be in the winning move 😉 )
  6.   flat tire  

  7. Medical insurance. Having medical insurance is a wonderful addition to Velosurance's policy. Coverage even extends around the globe, which is a nice alternative to the oft-questionable travel insurance. This article outlines the benefits of Velosurance when going through the claims process.
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  9. Theft protection, of course. At Bike Index we'd like to believe we're pretty amazing. But even though we've helped recover more than $14 million in stolen bicycles, countless bicycles are stolen each day. Velosurance fills in the gaps by taking claims for bike theft to get you back out there. Velosurance will cover the bike for theft so that the financial loss is equivalent to the deductible. They'll cover loss both at and away from home and cover partial losses from stolen components to vandalism.

If you care for your body and your bicycle, tuck Velosurance into your saddlebag. To add to the list of Velosurance benefits above, consider the added benefit of great customer service. You'll get your claim resolved quickly, without groveling for every last penny.

Combine Velosurance with your Bike Index registration for the ultimate protection.