Stolen 2017 Haibike Trekking 4.0

Stolen 2020-04-08T00:00:00-0500 at Palo Alto, CA 94304

Bike photo
  • Serial:AV16C25197
  • Other serial/registration/sticker:6561702705
  • Manufacturer: Haibike (Currietech)
  • Name:Trekking 4.0
  • Model:Trekking 4.0
  • Year:2017
  • Primary colors:Silver, gray or bare metal and Yellow or Gold
  • Frame size:56CM
  • Wheel diameter:650 B (Wide tire)
  • Frame Material:Aluminum
  • Handlebar type:Flat or riser

Distinguishing features

Haibike Trekking 4.0 with Bosch middrive 28Mph pedal assist. Battery serial number: 4192500762 Motor serial number: 6561702705 Sram EX1, Supernova M99 mini, Thudbuster ST

Theft Details

  • LocationPalo Alto, CA 94304
  • Locking descriptionOther
  • Locking circumventedLock is missing, along with the bike
  • Date stolen2020.4.8
  • Police report #20/1507
  • Department & cityPalo Alto

Description of incident

Bike was taken from the bike rack in the car garage

Drivetrain and brakes

  • Shifter Sram EX1 EX1 (SRAM)
  • Cog/Cassette/Freewheel Sram EX1 EX1 (SRAM)
  • Derailleur Sram EX1 EX1 (SRAM)

Additional parts

  • Lights Headlamp M99 mini 25 (Supernova)
  • Seatpost Thudbuster ST Thudbuster ST (Cane Creek)

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