Stolen 2015 Norco Bikes Revolver

Stolen 2019-10-10T16:00:00-0500 at Edmonton, T6C0T6, CA

Bike photo
  • Serial:13097ML0023
  • Manufacturer: Norco Bikes
  • Model:Revolver
  • Year:2015
  • Primary colors: Black
  • Frame size:L
  • Frame Material:Carbon or composite

Distinguishing features

Black carbon fiber frame with manufacturer imperfections on the crossbar. -Green graphics on black frame. -Front suspension has white shocks.

Theft Details

  • LocationEdmonton, T6C0T6, CA
  • Locking descriptionHeavy duty bicycle security chain
  • Locking circumventedLock was cut, and left at the scene
  • Date stolen2019.10.10
  • Department & cityEdmonton

Description of incident

The lock on my garage door was cut. The lock on the bike inside was also cut and it was taken along with another bike and a bike pump.

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