stolen 2014 Trek Electra

Stolen 2019-03-22T14:00:00-0500 from Santa Monica, CA 90403, US

  • Serial: ELW3AO115
  • Other serial/registration/sticker: ELW3A0ll51, or ELW3AO1151
  • Manufacturer: Trek
  • Name: Model Verse 24D Lady
  • Model: Electra
  • Year: 2014
  • Primary colors: Green and Pink

Distinguishing features

Has a green Electra bell. Frame size 18.5, Wheel size 700.

Theft Details

  • Location: Santa Monica, CA 90403
  • Locking description: U-lock and cable
  • Locking circumvented: Other situation, please describe below.
  • Stolen at:  2019-03-22T14:00:00-0500
  • Police report #: 190037770
  • Department & city: Santa Monica

Description of incident

Locked with another bike and to a heavy cinder block. It was covered and hidden. Thieves had to hoist themselves up a raised balcony wall to lift the two bikes and cinder block over.

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