Stolen 2011 Felt Brougham

Stolen 2018-04-29T01:00:00-0500 at Los Angeles, CA, 90064

  • Serial:HT0503945
  • Manufacturer: Felt
  • Name:Felt Brougham
  • Model:Brougham
  • Year:2011
  • Primary colors:Black
  • Frame size:50CM
  • Wheel diameter:700 C (Wide tire)

Distinguishing features

Black Single Speed Bike with White Saddle and subtle white accents. One Wheel was Black, One Wheel White with Continental Gatorskin 25c Tires. Pedals and Crank are White.

Theft Details

  • LocationLos Angeles, CA, 90064
  • Locking descriptionU-lock
  • Locking circumventedLock is missing, along with the bike.
  • Date stolen2018.4.29
  • Department & cityLos Angeles

Description of incident

Bike was left for three hours Sunday Early Evening in bright daylight locked up on the Metro Bike Parking Rack. Upon return the bike was nowhere to be found and the lock was also taken. There were three MTA Surveillance Cameras facing the bike so there is definitely coverage of the theft. Police Report has been filled, but haven't heard anything since and unable to contact Police Department to add Serial # to incident report.

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