Stolen Free Agent BMX

Stolen 2019-10-08T15:49:02-0500 at Edmonton, T6E 4A2, CA

Bike photo
  • Serial:Unknown
  • Manufacturer: Free Agent
  • Model:BMX
  • Primary colors: Silver, gray or bare metal

Distinguishing features

Free Agent BMX. Silver frame, blue saddle, blue lettering, front pegs. High spoke count on the wheels. This is a kid's BMX.

Theft Details

  • LocationEdmonton, T6E 4A2, CA
  • Locking descriptionOther
  • Locking circumventedOther situation, please describe below.
  • Date stolen2019.10.8
  • Police report #18-051516

Description of incident

Thief walked into our volunteer-run community bike shop, grabbed this bike and then ran away. The thief was wearing a black New York Yankees toque, black & yellow gloves, grey hoodie, black insulated jacket, grey sweatpants with black stains on the knees, brown backpack, white sneakers with black trim, metal-framed sunglasses (brown lenses), and glowing blue headphones.

Additional parts

  • Saddle Blue

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