Stolen 2016 Tern Verge Tour

Stolen 2018-03-05T00:00:00-0600 at Chicago, IL, 60613

Bike photo
  • Serial:Unknown
  • Manufacturer:Tern
  • Model:Verge Tour
  • Year:2016
  • Primary colors:Black
  • Wheel diameter:20in (Wide tire)
  • Frame Material:Aluminum

Distinguishing features

The right handlebar grip is damaged from a crash and is covered with black electrical tape. There is a 4-LED Monkey Light in the front wheel, powered by Eneloop rechargeable batteries. A KLICKfix luggage truss is mounted on the front. The stock saddle is replaced with a Serfas saddle. There is a bracket for a Kryptonite lock that has a red piece of electrical tape on the seat post. The stock headlight is removed, the cable connecting the light to the Dynamo hub is taped with blue electrical tape. A Cygolight rechargeable light is mounted to the handlebars. The plastic of the pump integrated in the seat post is broken.

Theft Details

  • LocationChicago, IL, 60613
  • Locking descriptionNot locked
  • Locking circumventedBike was not locked
  • Date stolen2018.3.5

Description of incident

Bike was stolen from a back yard

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