1991 Gianni Motta Personal 2001R Brevettato

Bike photo
  • Serial: unknown
  • Manufacturer: Gianni Motta
  • Name: Motta Personal 2001R Brevettato
  • Model: Personal 2001R Brevettato
  • Year: 1991
  • Primary colors: White, Green, and Red
  • Wheel diameter: 700 C
  • Frame Material: Steel

Distinguishing features

The paint is primarily glow-in-the-dark (White, but slightly green), with red, green, and blue shaded areas. The three main tubes of the frame are "pinched" in, on 5 sides around the diameter, to make them more stiff (see pictures).¶ The bike was bought by my step-father, in Salt Lake City in the early 90s from "Golsan Cycles" and was on their "Salt City Racing Team". He raced it in the 90s in Salt Lake, then after developing Alzheimer's, gave it to me a few years ago.¶ Different from the pictures: carbon fiber fork, Deda 215 drop bars, (unique) Mavic 610 RD bottom-bracket (Velo-pages description & photo: http://www.velo-pages.com/main.php?g2_itemId=21268)

Drivetrain and brakes

  • Front Derailleur Dura-Ace 7403 1991 ()
  • Crankset Dura-Ace 7403 1991 ()
  • Front & rear Shift And Brake Lever STI 600 1991 ()
  • Pedals PD-M525 ()

Additional parts

  • Handlebar 215 Anatomic ()

Frame and fork

  • Headset OrbitX ()