Stolen 1985 MCS Styler

Stolen 1986-07-10T01:00:00-0500 at Phoenix, AZ, 85032

  • Serial:198
  • Manufacturer:MCS
  • Model:Styler
  • Year:1985
  • Primary colors:Silver, gray or bare metal
  • Wheel diameter:20in (Wide tire)
  • Frame Material:Steel

Distinguishing features

Was my most prized possession. Serial number was 198,... within the first 200 ever made. Originally had grip tape on top tube and seat tube. Forks had pegs welded on and dual rear chain stays formed standing platforms. Had lay back seat post with loop welded on the back, SE double crossbar handlebars, and oversized tubes. It was the sickest bike ever and I miss it still.

Theft Details

  • LocationPhoenix, AZ, 85032
  • Locking descriptionNot locked
  • Locking circumventedBike was not locked
  • Date stolen1986.7.10
  • Department & cityPhoenix

Description of incident

Complete bike minus wheels was taken from my garage near 52nd st. and Thunderbird rd in 1986. Bike is actually chrome. Stickers have been removed.

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