Stolen 2006 Marin Bikes 17.5" City/Commuter Bike

Stolen 2014-09-09T01:00:00-0500 at Minneapolis, MN, 55406

Bike photo
  • Serial:c517hsc205
  • Manufacturer: Marin Bikes
  • Model:17.5" City/Commuter Bike
  • Year:2006
  • Primary colors:Silver, gray or bare metal
  • Frame Material:Aluminum

Distinguishing features

Also had a silver metal rack installed above the rear tire and dark gray/black wire metal basket strapped with a bungie cord to the rack. The metal basket is easily removable and may not still be with the bike when it is recovered. The attached photo is from the bike manufacturer.

Theft Details

  • LocationMinneapolis, MN, 55406
  • Locking descriptionOther
  • Locking circumventedOther situation, please describe below.
  • Date stolen2014.9.9
  • Police report #14-320548
  • Department & cityThird Precinct Minneapolis

Description of incident

Bike was stolen from a locked garage along with another bike (silver Marin Novato 8 17" commuter bike).

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