stolen Juiced Bikes Scrambler

Stolen 2024-04-17T20:00:00-0500 from Denver, CO 80218, US

Bike photo
  • Serial: LB2018110900337
  • Propulsion: pedal-assist-and-throttle
  • Manufacturer: Juiced Bikes
  • Name: Scrambler eBike
  • Model: Scrambler
  • Primary colors: Black
  • Wheel diameter: 20in
  • Frame Material: Steel

Distinguishing features

Bike was currently getting worked on and I had the front fork elastomers removed when it was stolen. The fork is likely fully compressed and will have a very steep head angle which might make it stand out... unless they put something in the fork tubes to push it back up. Bike is dog friendly... Not sure if the thief is.

Theft Details

  • Location: Denver, CO 80218
  • Stolen at:  2024-04-17T20:00:00-0500
  • Police report #: 2024-6004663
  • Department & city: Denver

Description of incident

Bike was removed from my property without permission.

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