stolen 2023 Aventón Soltera.2 Ebike

Stolen 2024-02-23T12:00:00-0600 from Washington, DC 20037, US

Bike photo
  • Serial: unknown
  • Manufacturer: Aventón
  • Model: Soltera.2 Ebike
  • Year: 2023
  • Primary colors: Yellow or Gold

Theft Details

  • Location: Washington, DC 20037
  • Locking description: Cable lock
  • Locking circumvented: Lock is missing, along with the bike
  • Stolen at:  2024-02-23T12:00:00-0600

Description of incident

My Aventon 2023 Soltera.2 Electric Bike (ebike) was stolen outside 1170 22nd Street in the West End/Foggy Bottom neighborhood at 9:10 AM on February, 23rd 2024. There was a witness going into Equinox who took a photo of the suspected thief while he was picking the lock. It was so suspicious she reported it to both the valet stand at a hotel & the front desk of the gym. The DC police wer called. There were two locks, one was an Abus Tresor 1385 combination lock, the other was a cable combination lock. Any help you guys can give in finding this is welcome. I saved up for many months for this bike and this was my pride and joy. 🙁

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