Stolen 2009 Kona Firemountain

Last seen 11.10.2011 at Belgravia, Edmonton, t6g0j1, CA

Bike photo
  • Serial:I010901118
  • Manufacturer:Kona
  • Model:Firemountain
  • Year:2009
  • Primary colors:White, Red, and Blue
  • Frame size:16in

Distinguishing features

Completely stock Kona Firemountain, white on the rear end and blue at the front with a small bit of red in the middle. Identifiable by two stickers on the frame: Easy Rider sticker on the downtube - sticker on the top tube near the steer tube -

Theft Details

  • LocationBelgravia, Edmonton, t6g0j1, CA
  • Date stolen11.10.2011
  • Police report #11492250
  • Department & cityEdmonton

Description of incident

My garage Reward: Negotiable

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