Stolen 2016 Trek FX 7.2

Stolen 2017-07-04T01:00:00-0500 at Edmonton, T6E 1Y3, CA

Bike photo
  • Serial:WTU263C0978J
  • Manufacturer:Trek
  • Model:FX 7.2
  • Year:2016
  • Primary colors:White

Theft Details

  • LocationEdmonton, T6E 1Y3, CA
  • Locking descriptionU-lock and cable
  • Locking circumventedLock is missing, along with the bike.
  • Date stolen2017.7.4
  • Police report #T17004707
  • Department & cityEdmonton Police Department

Description of incident

My bike was locked to a tree with a cable through the frame and back tire and a u lock through the front tire, frame, and cable. The bike and lock were gone when I went to check it this afternoon.

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