Stolen 2009 Novara Bliss 2.0

Stolen 1998-01-18T00:00:00-0600 at Coronado, CA, 92118

  • Serial:F812F0272
  • Manufacturer:Novara
  • Model:Bliss 2.0
  • Year:2009
  • Primary colors:Green
  • Frame size:M

Distinguishing features

This bike is no longer manufactured but its full specs can be found on It was stolen from our porch at the Coronado Bay Club Apts sometime between 10pm 17Jan2011 and 0400 18JAN2011. It had a removable headlight attached to the handlebars but that is the only thing different about it (no waterbottle holder or any other modifications...)

Theft Details

  • LocationCoronado, CA, 92118
  • Date stolen1998.1.18
  • Police report #2011-0103
  • Department & cityCoronado

Description of incident

Porch Reward: $250

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