Stolen 1963 Michibci Falcon GT Beach Cruser

Stolen 1998-01-09T00:00:00-0600 at Sacramento, CA, 96094

  • Serial:NMB04G02493
  • Manufacturer:Michibci
  • Model:Falcon GT Beach Cruser
  • Year:1963
  • Primary colors:Black
  • Frame size:26in

Distinguishing features

Black with Flames on sides different looking frame special seat flames and Swin byckle seat rack black falcon GT made in USA on front ID Tag and black Springer front end moter Cycle Style frame

Theft Details

  • LocationSacramento, CA, 96094
  • Date stolen1998.1.9
  • Department & citySacramento

Description of incident

18th Capital Reward: 100.00

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