stolen 2014 Giant Small

Stolen 2022-01-26T23:00:00-0600 from Invermere, V0A1k0, CA

Bike photo
  • Serial: Unknown
  • Manufacturer: Giant (and LIV)
  • Name: Lust 2
  • Model: Small
  • Year: 2014
  • Primary colors: Blue and Purple
  • Frame size: S
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

Distinguishing features

The handlebar grip is missing the cap. There is visible wear on the right handlebar where my bell used to be. There is also wear on the middle top of the frame where my bike lock would rest.

Theft Details

  • Location: Invermere, V0A1k0, CA
  • Locking description: Cable lock
  • Locking circumvented: Lock was cut, and left at the scene
  • Stolen at:  2022-01-26T23:00:00-0600
  • Department & city: Invermere

Description of incident

Theif entered through my backyard to the entrance of my basement suite, cut the lock and dragged the bike back through my backyard onto the street. There are visible footprints and tire marks. The bikes location is right beside my front door where I sleep 10 feet away from.

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