stolen 1981 Lotus Legend

Stolen 2022-01-26T11:00:00-0600 from Philadelphia, PA 19146, US

Bike photo
  • Serial: Unknown
  • Manufacturer: Lotus
  • Model: Legend
  • Year: 1981
  • Primary colors: Yellow or Gold

Distinguishing features

Brown saddle, blue tape on bar and also two blue pieces of tape on the part of the frame that holds the saddle. Half clip pedals with light brown leather.

Theft Details

  • Location: Philadelphia, PA 19146
  • Locking description: Not locked
  • Stolen at:  2022-01-26T11:00:00-0600
  • Police report #: 22-17-001922
  • Department & city: Philadelphia

Description of incident

Stolen from the inside hallway next to my apartment door (building is secured with key fob)

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