stolen 2019 Felt Verza Speed 50

Stolen 2021-07-19T23:00:00-0500 from Cleveland, OH 44113, US

Bike photo
  • Serial: AJ80501323
  • Manufacturer: Felt
  • Model: Verza Speed 50
  • Year: 2019
  • Primary colors: Silver, gray or bare metal
  • Frame size: 56CM
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

Distinguishing features

Kona Wah Wah 2 pedals. Gold chain. Black bottle holder. No Disk Brakes.

Theft Details

  • Location: Cleveland, OH 44113
  • Locking description: Cable lock
  • Locking circumvented: Lock was cut, and left at the scene
  • Stolen at:  2021-07-19T23:00:00-0500
  • Police report #: pending
  • Department & city: Cleveland, Ohio

Description of incident

**Bike basically same as stock photo, just without disk brakes, has gold chain. Stolen from inside an apartment building. Was locked with another bicycle (other not stolen). Cable lock cut cleanly mid line and left at scene.

Drivetrain and brakes

  • Pedals Black Wah Wah 2 ()
  • Chain Gold

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