Stolen 2012 Giant Mountain bike front/rear suspension

Stolen 2017-02-10T00:00:00-0600 at 1275 federal av, Los Angeles, CA, 90025

Bike photo
  • Serial:GT1153
  • Manufacturer:Giant
  • Model:Mountain bike front/rear suspension
  • Year:2012
  • Primary colors:Silver, gray or bare metal
  • Wheel diameter:26in (Wide tire)
  • Handlebar type:Forward facing

Distinguishing features

2012 GIANT TRANCE X4 SMALL MOUNTAIN BIKE, 9 SPEED, ALLOY, 26", DISC BRAKES. Has a little air tank with words "Giant AXR AirPlus" . Word "Maestro" visible on the frame. Light blue aluminum screws. Stolen from my veranda on 02/10/2017 in West Los Angeles, CA.

Theft Details

  • Location1275 federal av, Los Angeles, CA, 90025
  • Locking descriptionHeavy duty bicycle security chain
  • Locking circumventedObject that bike was locked to was broken, removed, or otherwise compromised.
  • Date stolen2017.2.10
  • Police report #170210004031
  • Department & cityWest Los Angeles

Description of incident

Earlier on the day, a homeless African American omeless guy was seen sawing the veranda to which the bike was chained on the side of the apartment building.

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