stolen Novara Fiona

Stolen 2021-05-06T22:00:00-0500 from Seattle, WA 98116, US

Bike photo
  • Serial: U123Y14912
  • Manufacturer: Novara
  • Model: Fiona
  • Primary colors: Teal

Distinguishing features

Video of theft

Theft Details

  • Location: Seattle, WA 98116
  • Locking description: Other
  • Locking circumvented: Bike was not locked
  • Stolen at:  2021-05-06T22:00:00-0500
  • Police report #: 21-110902
  • Department & city: Seattle Police Department. Seattle, WA

Description of incident

Our bikes were in a rack in our garage. The door was open and someone entered our garage and stole both our bikes. These were caught on video and shared with the Police.

Additional parts

  • Bell/Noisemaker
  • Basket Black basket up front
  • Kickstand
  • Rack Rear rack to hold saddle bags

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