Bike Index welcomes a new partner -!

Bike Index welcomes our newest partner -! - the source for road and mountain biking info in Utah and the Intermountain West - has teamed up with Bike Index to provide free bike registration, stolen bike listings, and bike theft prevention tips to CyclingUtah readers.

CyclingUtah has been publishing bike event calendars, club information, links, a shop directory, and stories for ever twelve years, and its publication reaches over 35k readers in 7 states every month. Adding advanced tools and resources to combat bike thefts in Utah is part and parcel of the site's mission, said Dave Iltis, CyclingUtah editor.

"Bike thefts in Utah are a real problem," Iltis said. "We see bike theft reports daily, so we're excited about connecting our through Bike Index to help get bikes registered - and we're even more excited to start recovering people's stolen bikes."

Bike Index - the largest open source, community driven registry of bikes in the US - works with hundreds of partners like bike shops, law enforcement, universities and individual riders to combat bike theft. By combining free bike registration, stolen bike listings, and an advanced stolen bike search engine, Bike Index has registered over 58,000 bikes and recovered over 2,600 stolen bikes. The Bike Index stolen bike recovery stories are a popular monthly read for thousands of bike theft victims.

"We've seen the amazing things that happen when you give a community of riders our registration and search tools," said Bryan Hance, co-founder of Bike "More bikes get protected, more stolen bikes get found, and more bike thieves get arrested. It's really that simple - just give the community the tools to do so, and they'll go to great lengths to keep each other's bikes safe."

In addition to CyclingUtah, Bike Index also works with many regional partners such as Bike Portland, Seattle Bike Blog, We Bike Eugene, Bicycle Tucson, Biking Toronto, Go Bike Buffalo, IndyCog, Bike Cleveland.