Bike Index and Spinlister join forces to get bike theft victims back on bikes!

Today we are happy to announce an absolutely stellar partnership:

Bike Index and Spinlister

Bike Index has partnered with peer-to-peer bike rental powerhouse Spinlister!

By joining forces, we can help bike theft victims get back on a bike when they need it the most - immediately after a theft.

This combination is some serious chocolate-and-peanut-butter level of awesomeness: Bike Index has tons of people who find themselves without bikes. Spinlister has legions of local bike renters and fellow cyclists ready to lend their rides. Working together, we can get riders back on the road quickly, locally, and most importantly, on the cheap.

Starting today, any Portland Oregon users listing stolen bikes with the Bike Index will receive a $30 credit towards their first day of rental on Spinlister.

And - seriously - have you seen what you can get for $30 (and under) on Spinlister? It's crazy - you can get tallbikes! Many many tallbikes! Dutch bikes! Teeny little Dahons! Sexy old school Masis! The list is impressive, to say the least.

Yes, we hope to expand this out to other cities soon. No, we can't tell you where. (Yet.)

So: a huge shout out to our newest partner Spinlister. We look forward to this stellar new way of helping out bike theft victims get back on a bike, and doing so in a way that it supports Spinlister's awesome system of local Portland peer-to-peer bike lenders.


-The Bike Index crew