Recovery Stories

A buyer purchased on and noticed the serial number registered as stolen on the Bike Index. They contacted me and returned it.

Khoa Bike recovered 2014.12.29

Someone handed in stripped frame at Manchester police station, the police used the Bike Index to find me and return the bike.

Bike recovered 2014.12.21

Police department found the bike and contacted me with the Bike Index to return it.

Jeremy Bike recovered 2014.12.13

After the Bike Index twitter tweeted a stolen bike alert, someone recognized my bike, tweeted a picture back, and we recovered the bike!

Jessica Bike recovered 2014.11.26

Good Samaritan saw it being ridden, got a weird feeling, and offered to buy it. He checked Bike Index and confirmed that it was stolen, got in touch with me and returned it to me.

dindurthy Bike recovered 2014.11.3

Dave at BackPedal CycleWorks saw my bike on Bike Index when an unsuspecting buyer brought it in for a check over. I'm amazed I've gotten my beloved wheels back, and incredibly grateful to Dave and Bike Index.

John Bike recovered 2014.10.8