Recovery Stories

Bike was recovered by police with Bike Index assistance.

Medium recovery 180 Bryan Bike recovered 2015.11.17

A Seattle police Detective recovered my bike at the thief's homeless camp site at a Queen Anne Park about three weeks after it was taken from my secured parking garage. The surveillance video and the bike index registration played a part in my bikes recovery. I believe that the thief has been arrested.

Medium recovery 175 Kathy Bike recovered 2015.11.13

Recovered by Portland Police Bureau with the assistance of the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 173 Bike Index Bike recovered 2015.11.12

Recovered by Portland Police Bureau with a Bike Index assist.

Medium recovery 177 Bike Index Bike recovered 2015.11.9

Filed a police report within 2 hours of it being stolen. Vancouver Police working the DTES beat seized it from the 'vendor area' and returned it to me within 24 hours of it being stolen after identifying it on the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 157 Sheri Bike recovered 2015.11.9

Found for sale on ebay, Bike Index helped ID it, returned to owner.

Medium recovery 164 David Bike recovered 2015.11.8

PPB recovered and ID'd through Bike Index in September.

Medium recovery 166 Bike Index Bike recovered 2015.11.8

Bike recovered with Bike Index help.

Medium recovery 158 Bike Index Bike recovered 2015.11.8

The police officer made it very very clear that we likely wouldn't have gotten it back if we hadn't entered it into the Bike Index online database and made it so easy to determine stolen. So grateful for this service.

Medium recovery 172 Bike Index Bike recovered 2015.11.8

Portland Police Bureau found it with Bike Index assistant.

Medium recovery 170 Ruth Bike recovered 2015.11.8

Identified on Bike Index, returned to owner.

Medium recovery 169 Bryan Bike recovered 2015.11.8

Bike Gallery identified the bike using Bike Index.

Medium recovery 168 Bike Index Bike recovered 2015.11.8

Portland Police Bureau found it with Bike Index assistant.

Medium recovery 167 Bike Index Bike recovered 2015.11.8

Portland Police Bureau found it with Bike Index assistant.

Medium recovery 165 Bike Index Bike recovered 2015.11.8

Portland Police Bureau found it with Bike Index assistance.

Medium recovery 162 Evan Bike recovered 2015.11.7

Recovered back in sept 2015 with Bike Index help.

Medium recovery 161 Matt Bike recovered 2015.11.7

Portland Police Bureau recovered this with Bike Index assistance.

Medium recovery 163 Brett Bike recovered 2015.11.7

Bike Index Spotted other bike this owner had stolen. SPD busted the guy, found both bikes.

Medium recovery 160 Tom Bike recovered 2015.11.6

Bryan from Bike Index sent me a note along with a link to Craigslist. Then he pointed me to the right people to speak to from the police from the city where my bike was on sale (Santa Cruz). 1hour After we spoke to them about the case, they pick it up from the seller. They confirmed the bike is mine.

Medium recovery 156 Mizue Bike recovered 2015.11.4

Thanks to a tip to Portland Police Dept, my bike was located during a search of a suspicious person. The bike has been "modified" (all the accessories were removed, tires changed and the frame painted a bit). Getting the serial # on the Bike Index was the key to ID'ing it.

Medium recovery 125 Rebecca Bike recovered 2015.11.1

Bike Index assistance and Seattle Police Department investigation and arrests.

Medium recovery 124 Todd Bike recovered 2015.10.30

Newly formed city bike task force found the bike at a local transient camp. They identified the bike on Bike Index and contacted me.

Medium recovery 123 Scooter Bike recovered 2015.10.28

I spotted my frame and assorted parts on eBay, notified bike index, and they got ahold of a Detective at the SPD who they have been working with. The detective recovered my frame and the majority of my other parts in a record breaking 24 hrs after I spotted the bike. If I had not been registered with Bike Index I would have had the connections that allowed for my bike to be recovered before it was sold. Thank you to all involved in getting my bike back to me!

Medium recovery 121 Chris Bike recovered 2015.10.28

Officers Riley and Scott from the Portland Police found it in less than 24 hours, and identified it on the Bike Index. Unbelievable.

Medium recovery 120 Keith Bike recovered 2015.10.26

It was found near NW industrial park, and the finders identified it on the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 119 sreddy Bike recovered 2015.10.23

A young lad recognised it from the Bike Index and approached the youths that had it and told them it was his and took it back home. His mum contacted via mobile number that I left on here.

Medium recovery 118 Lee Bike recovered 2015.10.22

Bike was ID'd by a friendly citizen using Bike Index!

Medium recovery 117 Nathaniel Bike recovered 2015.10.21

Bike was turned in to a security guard at a safeway. The guard brought it home, found it on the Bike Index, and contacted me. So, the moral of the story is if you don't have your bike registered with the Bike Index, DO IT NOW. It doesn't have to be stolen to register.

Medium recovery 116 Jen Bike recovered 2015.10.20

An awesome dude bought it on 3rd ave in Seattle for 1/3 of its value. He looked it up in the bike index and gave me a call.

Medium recovery 114 Falcon Bike recovered 2015.10.16

Someone brought my bike into the shop to get if fixed it. The shop suspected that it was stolen, found it on the Bike Index, and contacted me! They even had it delivered back to Portland.

Medium recovery 112 Jeremy Bike recovered 2015.10.16

Officer Scott of the Portland police recovered it, but Bike Index was instrumental!

Medium recovery 109 Kringen Bike recovered 2015.10.15

A man in Seatac wanted to sell his Specialized bike. A potential buyer rode to his house on my Scorpion and left it as collateral while he “test rode” the Specialized. He never returned. The Specialized owner went to report his stolen bike online and saw the picture of my stolen Scorpion. He emailed me and I picked up my ride. Thank you Bike Index!

Medium recovery 111 Low Rider Bike recovered 2015.10.13

Seattle PD recovered bike and used info I provided on the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 110 Chris Bike recovered 2015.10.9

Someone was approached by the thief, who was selling the bike, and thought it was suspicious. They purchased the bike, and checked the Bike Index for it, and found my contact info. They tuned my bike up and returned it!

Medium recovery 107 Alaia Bike recovered 2015.10.7

The Portland PD found it abandoned somewhere, and then identified it on the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 106 Mark Bike recovered 2015.10.7

The police contacted me after they found the bike thief with my bike. They used the Bike Index to figure out whose bike it was.

Medium recovery 108 Patrick Bike recovered 2015.10.7

Someone saw my bike here on the Bike Index, saw it locked up somewhere, and notified the local police department for recovery.

Medium recovery 104 Daniel Bike recovered 2015.10.4

Portland Police Bureau recovered it from the thief and saw it here on the Bike Index.

Medium recovery 103 Brett Bike recovered 2015.10.4

Someone contacted me through the Bike Index. I went by and picked it up. A bit worse for wear, but cheaper than buying a new bike. Reunited, and it feels so good.

Medium recovery 105 Matt Bike recovered 2015.10.1

Someone from the Bike Index found the bike on Portland police were able to find the burglar.

Medium recovery 102 Gunsul Bike recovered 2015.9.29

Someone recognized it on the bike index and contacted me! They recognized it by the distinguishing photos. I am so happy, and can't thank everyone enough. Such an amazing support system for those with stolen bikes! Sending good vibes to those still searching.

Medium recovery 101 Lindsay Bike recovered 2015.9.27

Someone saw the bike on the Bike Index, and then saw someone with it on the street. They gave me a call, and we reported it to the police. Bike was recovered along with a lot of other stolen bikes.

Medium recovery 100 Ben Bike recovered 2015.9.26

Someone bought it and saw it on the Bike Index, they contacted me to get me my bike back.

Medium recovery 98 Derek Bike recovered 2015.9.25

A king County Officer spotted some people walking with my bike in Downtown Seattle. She recognized it from my listing on the Bike Index and confronted the couple, and confiscated the bike.

Medium recovery 99 Daniel Bike recovered 2015.9.23

A Bike Index user found it and emailed me.

Medium recovery 97 Greg Bike recovered 2015.9.18

local resident found bike, looked up in Bike Index, contacted owner

Medium recovery 95 Bike Index Bike recovered 2015.9.17

I was emailed by a Bike Index administrator about a craigslist sale ad matching the description of my stolen bike. I met the seller, who had bought the bike from a pawn shop, and verified the serial number off the bike. I explained to him about my stolen bike, and showed him the police report. The seller was satisfied and returned the bike.

Medium recovery 94 Louis Bike recovered 2015.9.13

A random stranger named Tom found the bike abandoned in a park a few miles away from where it had been stolen. He was able to identify it as mine from the picture I posted on Bike Thank you Tom and thank you Bike!

Medium recovery 92 Alex Bike recovered 2015.9.12

Post in Portland Riders Facebook group led to multiple sightings. Recovered by a Bike Index user.

Medium recovery 91 Tom Bike recovered 2015.9.9

Gentleman purchased the bike from the street and brought it into Huckleberry Bicycles. They recognized it from Bike and called me in. I was able to recover this bicycle that was gifted to me from my wife as a wedding present.

Medium recovery 90 Liberty Bike recovered 2015.9.1