MaxTracker moves the needle

Like many good ideas, MaxTracker was born from frustration. Steve Maxey stopped at a deli on the way to the trail and within 10 minutes someone had cut the locks of his roof rack and stolen his two mountain bikes.

The first run of the new MaxTracker production units will come out in December after a successful Indiegogo campaign and will cost $179. Connect MaxTracker's app to your device and locate your bike if it goes missing.

maxtracker video"In America, a bike is stolen every 22 seconds."

The weatherproof, waterproof, and durable tracking unit bolts and locks to the bike through standard bottle cage mounts and has over two months of battery before needing a simple recharge. The simple design is something that a novice bike thief could easily miss - until it sounds an alarm upon movement.

The unit is equipped with GPS, motion detection, a cellular connection, and the MaxTracker guarantee, which will replace your stolen bike if it is not recovered while using a MaxTracker.

"Our Mission is to reverse the outcomes of the bike theft industry so that bike owners win," says CEO and founder of MaxTracker, Steve Maxey.

maxtracker blue
maxtracker white
maxtracker red
maxtracker black

MaxTracker will be available in four colors.

In a market where there is a huge demand for bike theft prevention technologies, MaxTracker sets itself apart from other tracking devices. Instead of using Bluetooth like Tile or AirTags, where the signal range is good only up to about 200 feet - at best - MaxTracker uses a modern 5G cellular network that can locate a bike that is blocks or miles away, tracking its movement in real-time, right on the owner's phone. If a bike is ridden away from the theft site it is often out of the range of Bluetooth trackers immediately.

Paired with Bike Index recovery services, MaxTracker is set to reduce bike theft starting this December.