How to file a WA Attorney General complaint against Offerup

If you had a bike stolen - and it appeared on Offerup - PLEASE take 10 minutes and fill out this form with the Washington state attorney general. (WA is where Offerup is based)

We've long given up on Offerup to do anything about all the stolen bikes on their platform - and we've also watched Offerup continue to route people to their useless "support" black hole in order to derail them / misdirect them from actually getting anything actually done. They stick you in useless support hell until you go away, basically.

So: we need people to start reporting them to the WA state attorney general.

1) Take 5mins and fill out this WA Attorney General complaint form:

2) The information you need (business name, address, etc) for Offerup

Offerup Inc.
1715 114TH Ave SE Ste 100
Bellevue, WA
Toll-Free Number: (844) 633-3787 and (877) 342-7222.

3) Fill out the complaint succinctly, etc. for example:

  • "We were robbed on 10/XX/2021 of a bicycle valued at $XXXXX"
  • "I filed with police department X, report number Y"
  • "This is my bikeindex listing for my stolen bike: (include your Bike Index link)"
  • "This bicycle then showed up for sale on at this link: (put offerup link here)" Then tell them a little about what's happened since you found it on offerup, for example
  • "The bike is now marked SOLD and Offerup isn't helping me resolve this matter and has not responded to my complaint"
  • "Offerup is refusing to do anything about this problem" -"I cannot contact anyone at Offerup and they aren't responding to my problem"
  • "In talking to other victims I see there are a lot of other stolen goods being fenced on this platform"
  • etc. These are just suggestions but please use your own voice and experiences.

  • Add a link to the seller's account
  • Be sure to include any screenshots of the listing you have taken

I know it's annoying to fill out another form - but again, we need to put legal pressure on Offerup at the state level.

Lastly: by all means also feel free to leave negative feedback on Offerup's App listings in the Apple and Android app stores, and/or anything like Trustpilot, etc. and places like /r/offerup