by Alex



Bike Index celebrates its 100,000th registered bike!

The Bike Index is proud to announce it has registered its 100,000th bike as of November 15, 2016.

“One hundred thousand bikes is a huge milestone for us,” said Bike Index Co-Founder Bryan Hance. “We know that simple, fast, free registration is key, because the more bikes we can get in the system, the more we can recover after a theft. Having 100,000 bikes on file means we’ve hit that critical mass, and that the cycling community knows the Bike Index works wonders when it comes to protecting bikes.”

What is now the largest and most widely used bicycle registration and recovery service in the nation, Bike Index has grown from 18k registrations in 2014 to a whopping 100k+ in 2016 - and we’re just getting started.

With advancements like our integrated Point of Sale platform and our recent partnership with Leads Online, the largest online investigation system used by law enforcement, we are experiencing unprecedented growth in both registrations and recoveries. Our partnership network continues to expand.

Along the way to 100,000 bikes, the Bike Index has reunited thousands of riders with their stolen bikes, helped law enforcement agencies identify bike thieves, and helped hundreds of partner shops forge closer relationships by protecting their customers’ rides. Bike Index has given the cycling community the tools to fight bike theft, and the community has responded with enthusiasm and support.

Now is an exciting time for Bike Index. We are bigger and more effective than ever. But that doesn’t mean our job is done. Join us. Push us to provide more stellar tools. Push us to recover more stolen bikes. Push us to protect more bikes in your city or community. With your support, help us to hit 200k registered bikes in 2017. Help us to span the globe. Help us fight bike chop shops everywhere. Help us to fight bike theft one serial at a time.

It begins with you. Join Bike Index now.