Automated registration for bike shops

This article is outdated.

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The Bike Index is incredibly excited to announce that we now provide automated registration for bike shops using LightSpeed Cloud.

The Index is committed to making registration easy — and by registering bikes automatically, at point of sale — we've nailed it.

In combination with the fact that we also add default bike data to registrations, we've made adding bikes to the Index effortless, detailed and incredibly useful.

Every bike sold at shops with the integration is registered right when it's purchased (unless the customer doesn't want to be). The bike shop doesn't need to enter extra information, visit our site, or click any buttons. The bike is registered and it just works.

This is particularly great for shops with warmer weather coming — no matter how busy the shop gets, every customer's bike is still protected before it leaves the shop.

If you're curious about specifics, you can read more (and learn how to sign up your shop) at Bike Index shop signup.

Since LightSpeed is the most common Point of Sale system in Bike Index partner shops, it was the obvious first choice for automation - but more are coming. If you're a bike shop that doesn't use LightSpeed but wants automated registration, hit us up and tell us what point of sale service you use.